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    pmc XIIIth Expeditionary Corps

    https://youtu.be/tZ_fRqm8gfU Hi Everyone, some news about the XIIIth Expeditionary Corps. We are now 120 members. We are still trying to build our EN branch, which is difficult for obvious reasons but Yesterday, we had our first participation of an EN Flight involved in a 40 people mission. There was French channels all around but we did manage to get our comms working as planned. --------------------------------------------------------------- Short Briefing : One of our Hammerhead is in Full stop on a hot sector. In cause: a fuel leak. We're waiting for one logistics unit to fix the problem and restock the fuel tank. We are exposed to a high risk of attack and boarding. We got the support of fighters. But will it be enough? RV: Port Olisar Leaders 1 HH Captain : @[XIII] Cat 😼 1 HH Second : @[XIII] PhoenixMoreno 1 Tactical Officer 3 Team leaders 2 Flight Leaders Main slots: 14 Crew members (expect boarding and on board fight) 6 DogFighters --------------------------------------------------------------- AAR We were 19 members of the XIIIth Expeditionary Corps. 15 Fr and one EN Flight (Vampires) in a channel. Quantum was our Squadron leader on this one. He was the flight lead of Snow Cats. He gave us the orders in English. + we had 11 Marines in the Hammerhead in Fr channels. Everything worked as intended, comms wise and it was the first attempt. I'd say it's promising. Enjoy: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLXC6s7erjCjf7SJnRkIRcKfHLZkLHIKGn --------------------------------------------------------------- Our actual international members: Jesstar: USA Apollo: USA Polobond: Australia Erwan: England Nikopol: Belgium RogueAlphaOne: England Quantum: Belgium You're welcome to join our EN DISCORD if you're interested or if you got any questions.
  2. Nikopol

    pmc XIIIth Expeditionary Corps

    Efficiency - Flexibility - Esprit de corps Military Contractors - We protect your activity Ex-UEE Military unit, the XIIIth is a PMC working under contract for the UEE and private corporations by offering a wide range of security services. Esprit de corps At the XIIIth, we want to Highlight teamplay. We want to be able to count on our brothers in arms when the shit hits the fan. We aim to create a bond that unites each member of the Corps. We train hard - We strike Harder We want to achieve efficiency. To reach this goal, We are recruiting gamers dedicated to the game and who want to maintain their skills - we also implement training in the specialties of our various branches - Fleet | Marines | Logistics Real Life comes First Whether you are a student, a father with responsibilities, We understand that you can not always be present. We only ask you to warn us for a long absence and push your skill to the max when you're in team. https://13eme.fr/ XIIIth's DISCORD XIIIth Expeditionary Corps - Close protection services Trainings
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    Hello, I'm Nikopol

    Hi Gremlich. What's up Yes it's a bernese mountain dog.
  4. Nikopol

    Hello, I'm Nikopol

    Hi, I'm Nikopol, and i'm a Star Citizen Addict. 😋 This is my doggo, but he is bigger now.
  5. We are the XIIIth Expeditionary Corps https://robertsspaceindustries.com/orgs/XIIIC The XIIIth is a Private Military Company of 120 members. Belgians, French and Swiss ... so far. We are opening a new Branch to welcome English-speaking members from all countries. The goal is to make a step in the international community, raise our membership, and have 24/24 presence on the game. We need you to become future members and leaders of the XIIIth Expeditionary Corps. Please visit our website for full information about the XIIIth: https://13eme.fr/ What can the XIIIth offer you? A strong structure: If you have not done it yet, simply visit our website to find out. Teamplay - We try to create an Esprit de corps between our members by different means, to be more efficients in combat and have a more enjoyable experience in the multiplayer part of the game. Daily activities - which range from Instructions to training through scripted missions on the PU. Instructions - We will train you to quickly reach the XIII standards. Trainings - We practice what the instructions teach us. Competition - We are present in the leaderboards, just check it. Efficiency - We are looking to reach maximum efficiency, our job requires it. Ships - We have all the ships we need already. Social interactions - We are a Belgian, French, Swiss organisation but we aim to be international. You will meet members from different countries, it will be a personal enrichment for you and for us. We will welcome you on a EN Discord. From there, you will be the pioneers of the opening of the new English branch. You will help us to create and evolve the space dedicated to our new English-speaking members and may be the opportunity to take a leadership position according to your abilities. We want to build it WITH you. Feel free to contact us or react in this thread, or our DISCORD server