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  1. I recommend getting rec points and renting a hornet on the SC website. Then go into arena commander and edit the Titan, add the hornets weapons and equipment. The weapons work in the PU. Rented vehicles don't work in the PU tho, just the weapons.
  2. I done this to my SSD with Star Citizen and it fixed the 1 FPS drops. Video: https://youtu.be/rA3lHNKWb_4?t=226 If you have windows 10, follow the guide on the video, if you have windows 7, just go into control panel, at the top right search for advanced system and click 'View advanced system settings', on the left click [Advanced System Settings]. Next click on [settings] under performance in the advanced tab. Next click on the [advanced] tab at the top, then click [Change], click your SSD drive with Star Citizen on it and click Custom Size, I have mine set to min 18000 and max 40000, multiple your ram by 1.5 on a calculator and use that as your min. This fixed my game dropping to 1 FPS and lagging in general, hope it helps! Side note: RAM is high speed. HDD and SSD are relatively slow speed. The idea of a page file is a "RAM overflow" area set aside on the HDD or SSD. This is a way of cheating some extra apparent RAM into the system but if it gets used there is a performance hit because of the slower speed of the Drive vs RAM. Suggests a sort of "right back at ya" approach, instead of putting the page file on the drive, create a virtual drive partition within RAM, and target the page file there. 'If you have 32GB of RAM, this is not needed.' Its counter intuitive because if you have that much RAM to begin with it shouldn't need to hit the page file at all. This is a way of providing it a page file anyway but at a higher speed. Pretty clever if it works right. It also saves wear and tear on the SSD which have a finite number of read/write cycles. RAM is designed to be rapidly and constantly switched. SSD is designed to tolerate it to an extent but not an infinite one.
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