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  1. They sent you a mail to advise you? I don t know what is happening....just silence!
  2. @Sleezy @Booster Terrik Do you have any news on your account? My account is still blocked.
  3. Bench70


    Hello to everyone, I just find this forum and let me say it' s a beatiful place with beatiful people. I had a problem with CIG and i had many good help word from the forum. I am a gamer from commodore 64 time and now i play as everything as i can. I am not english speaker so i do what i can i hope you could understand. I am backer from 2013 and actually Space marshall concierge level. Unfortunately I bought many ship from ebay and i was scammed. So in theory I would be well beyond the space marshal level but what you receive as gift don t count. Now cannot access my account and i dont know what will happen in the future. Thanks for attention.
  4. Now only some days. But they say it will be some weeks for investigations and then I will have my account again. I hope that . I don t have any insurance . It s not up me no more!!! 😞
  5. If a melt a new concept ship now as rsi apollo for example, could i buy back next month or later with a token? Also if they not sell it again on site?
  6. Thanks for kindly reply but when it speaks about money is every time personal. I am afraid because there is something wrong. I was scum with maybe 3 "gifted" ship. Why lock all the account and limit my freedom instead just if it s legally possible, just hide that 3 ship till everything is finished?
  7. I am backer from 2013 and every day for five year i use my account in some ways also only to view my hangar. Mean something for someone. I trust before now i thinking a refund
  8. Thanks. I receive same message. But now i cannot reach my account for probably some weeks. He say there is a problem with two or three gift ship but refuse to tell me what happened abd who. I am Space Marshal concierge level spent over 7000 eur with about 30 ship ( many of them buy on ebay to have only lti ship) and i cannot use my account because someone scum me. It s like if police has suspicius with you about something that you don t know and first of all put you in jail limiting your liberty because it say want to check something. Sorry for my english, i hope could understand ehat i want say. It s really frustating. I have to trust in CGI but they not.
  9. Booster Terrik just yesterday i receive same mail as you from bellows and first i was thinking eas a spam but then i had my account locked I sent many mail to help support but till now i only know they want investigate about some ship someone gift me.( i buy on ebay)
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