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  1. Star Citizen Account High Admiral - Concierge 4 ships on account - can obviously be melted or whatever you want to do with them. ships; Origin 100i Touring Origin 600i Explorer Crusader Mercury Star Runner MISC Freelancer MIS w/ auspicious red paint Hangar Spend - $984 Total Spend - $1,242 Store Credit - $51 REC - 460k Buybacks contain some nice ships, too many to list, also of interest may be the old 2948 exploration packs Also a bunch of sub flairs, too many to take pics of. Looking for around 6
  2. buybacks within my account are as follows: Anvil Hawk - 6 Months 315p - 6 Months Alpha Starter - 6 Months Connie Taurus - 6 Months Anvil Arrow (Pack or Standalone) - 6 Months Gladius - 6 Months Freelancer MIS - 6 Months Hornet Ghost - 6 Months Connie Phoenix Anniversary 2018 - 72 Months Freelancer DUR - 6 Months Cyclone - 6 Months Freelancer Max - 6 Months Prospector - 6 Months Drake Vulture Anniversary 2018 - 72 Months Sabre Comet Anniversary 2018 - 72 Months Retaliator Base Anniversary 2018 - 72 Months Horn
  3. Hi all, I'm taking the decision to sell my Star Citizen account due to some unforeseen circumstances arising, this does pain me as I love the concept of SC, but I don't have the time nor money to dedicate to it anymore and rather strapped for cash, so deciding to sell my account seemed like a good idea. 1 month of subscription remaining a few hangar flairs & armor sets accumulated from subscription 188,900 REC also a multitude of ships available in the buyback area, buyback token for q1 2019 used. in total 579 USD is spent on the things currently in my hang
  4. Hi there SCB dwellers! Was looking for somewhere to sell my Star Citizen stuff without signing a bloody notary. 🤩 Looking to sell the aforementioned ship for a quick sale due to some unforeseen circumstances. Please PM me if you're interested in purchasing. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ If you are interested and you agree to the Terms & Conditions below, please leave a comment here and send me a private message with your PayPal email and your corresponding RSI handle. Terms & Co
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