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  1. Shubunkin

    Trying to start again...

    Hi there. Some time ago in my huge excitement I bought the wrong things and the game didn't make any sense at all, I was stuck in a hanger and couldn't do anything. I've followed a support email asking me to sell a couple of things, buy a couple of things and then I should be in. So now, after logging in I have a screen asking me to Please Select Destination. Under this I have the options SPACE PORTS: CRUSADER And HANGERS: SELF-LAND Is there only one space port at this time or am I still missing something? Do more open up later? I don't want to get into the game only having to lose a loads of stuff I've done after, so I want to make sure I have everything I should have before diving in. All help very gratefully received. Thanks.
  2. Shubunkin

    What to do in the hanger?

    I can't find Packages, but in My Hanger I have 42 and a standalone ship. So, I have a ship I can't use at the moment, I'll need to buy the MMO to get into the game with most going on? Which bit should I buy next? Sorry for being such a womble!
  3. Shubunkin

    What to do in the hanger?

    So if I bought 42 and the Avenger Stalker 'Package' I should have 42 and the verse? Or am I completely misunderstanding the slightly confusing shop front? Because I don't have any of the options shown in the above screenshot, all I can do is enter the empty Fly Safe hanger.
  4. Shubunkin

    What to do in the hanger?

    So I've just bought the game, 42 and a ship, it's downloaded and I've started. From the main menu I've selected Universe, because that's my interest, then I get another page where the only option is Free Hanger, so I go in there and yes, there is a big hanger. There's nothing in it though apart from a couple of lifts. So I've been up and down a couple of times, but to be honest that get's a bit boring pretty quickly. I've clicked the blue dots and can see my ship in the hud, but where is it physically? Should it be here or is there something I have to do? Thanks.