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  1. I would be interested but you have no post history here. I have a few questions. Is this from your own personally owned account? If so what is the country of the account's billing address? And if so what is the country of origin for the PayPal account sending the invoice?
  2. How to unpack and convert Live 3.8.2 Files. This tutorial works to convert every single asset in the 3.8.2 builds and some builds after, but newest builds, until a conversion tool update estimated to come around March 2021, will not fully convert. Some files may convert but assets that changed such as Armor skins will not convert properly. Some older ships and assets may still convert in the meantime in current builds. It is hit or miss depending on if CIG changed how the data is structured in each file type. First download Alluran's newest unpacker from, https://github.com/dolkensp/unp4k/releases download the suite version zip file. It has all the goodies. Then download MarkEmp's newest conversion tool https://github.com/Markemp/Cryengine-Converter/releases cgf-converter.exe. None of these programs need admin privileges and they scan virus free. Unzip alluran's suite zip to your working folder run unp4k.gui.exe from that folder OR use command line for unp4k.exe to unpack the entire build. In the his program click File>open archive Navigate to your Star Citizen 3.8.2 installation folder, find the Data.p4k file and open it. Go to Data in the displayed directory tree in the program once unp4k loads and deserializes the p4k. Right click Data and click Extract file in the context popup menu. Select your working folder. The SC 3.8.2 build will now be extracting to your working folder You'll see something like this. Try not to do too much while the build is extracting, a lot of data is being written and accidently pressing the wrong hot key while having unp4k window active can prematurely stop the export. Don't ask me how I know... lol. If the GUI crashes on you, follow these instructions for command line or use drag and drop methods https://github.com/dolkensp/unp4k/blob/master/README.md When running in command prompt the unpacker will look like this After your unpacking is complete, it does take a while even if you are using an optane drive or raid array, you can then run MarkEmp's newest converter to convert the geometry based files. For traditional hard drives and average gaming CPUs, the extraction can take a LONG time. Enough time for a dinner and a show, at least. Copy MarkEmp's converter to your working folder that you extracted the SC 3.8.2 build to. You can now follow MarkEmp's instructions on how to convert your extracted build files with this link https://github.com/Markemp/Cryengine-Converter I have had the best success in PowerShell (it's like command prompt, included in windows, but more dangerous if you screw anything up) with the following command with where I keep my working folders and his tool. foreach ($file in (get-childitem -recurse *.cga,*.cgf,*.chr,*.skin)) { E:\Created\SC382C\cgf-converter-v1-0-5.exe $file -noconflict -objectdir "E:\Created\SC382C\Data" } PowerShell may take a while to start the script once you hit enter, you can modify the above to fit your directory tree situation. Take note I keep MarkEmp's converter one folder up instead of keeping it directly in the data folder. When you run the above PowerShell command it will look like this For builds past 3.8.2 check the Markemp GitHub around March 2021 for an updated conversion tool and keep your fingers crossed. Consider sending MarkEmp and Alluran some donations. Without them none of this would be possible!
  3. 2950 cosplay contest entry, first and last official contest entry for this armor. https://robertsspaceindustries.com/spectrum/community/SC/forum/3/thread/virtual-star-citizen-cosplay-contest-submission-th/3499616 Older pics of improvements along the way Over the last 2 to 3 years, along this journey.. I got to meet Chris Roberts, most of the LA development team, many other backers, new friends, and organize a discord open to all SC cosplayers https://discord.gg/5Dx2wrQ I do not go to conventions or usually meet people unless business related. Doing this cosplay allowed me the gumption to go to CIG events, make new friends, and do things I normally would never try. It's been fun! I might finish the rest of the armor at some point for display but, this suit is now retired, more or less.
  4. Hi, yes sorry I don't log in here often. Yes I made an update.. this mostly worked for 3.8.2 after which CIG changed the chunk configs of the files again so the converter will not convert new stuff after that build. At this time. Just check Heffay/MarkEmp's repo once in a while to see if updated. https://github.com/Markemp/Cryengine-Converter/releases/ But old stuff not updated in the game files might should still convert. I haven't checked everything but it's worth a shot for whoever if they keep this in mind. Example of the things you can make from the game files with some effort, attached
  5. Tomorrow ladies and gents! Is the big day for Idris owners and lovers.
  6. And it's beautiful https://imgur.com/gallery/hiD2dNh Although sorry, there is no internal geometry.. so it's just a husk full two hours of us exploring this husk of an idris If you're new to Star Citizen and looking for a referral code try this one https://enlistcitizen.com/star-citizen-referral-code/
  7. A 7:36 minutes jump from Port Olisar to Hurston, a fly over the city that ends in pilot error... lol.
  8. (not sure how to embed a video on this forum?) If you're looking for a Star Citizen referral code or looking for access to a large fleet, check out https://enlistcitizen.com/star-citizen-referral-code/
  9. CLOSED. Reason - I don't sign on here enough. Logged on today just to track a post down.
  10. LTI Warbond VIP is $750 melt. $600 isn't bad for a pioneer.
  11. Might also want to add to the red flags list... anyone who uses friends payment when you don't know them..... I just barely dodged a bullet today with that new account made by that Speenker guy, thankfully another member PM'd me before going through with the deal.
  12. lol there was just a big discussion about this, good luck! P.S. "Making trades in the grey market automatically makes your account a target for deletion." That's not true, grey market is called grey market because they are allowing it but do not support it. What this means is that if you get ripped off on a trade, CIG will not support you to get your ship back. They have been pulling back gifted ships from people who claim their account was hacked, and that's where in the problem and risk is for buyers. But losing your account for being gifted a ship? No because whatever was the reason for you being gifted that ship, doesn't matter. What matters is if the seller ever claims or not he or she was "hacked". In which you would lose the gift, not the account, and you would have to seek legal action against the seller if the claim was fraudulent. This is why you should only buy from trusted sellers that have been selling pledges (preferably close to cost) for years. Iceman has a seller history dating back to 2014 from his profile history, there is no reason to not trust him for buying his idris. If I was the type of person to spend $3K on a idris-M.. I would buy his.
  13. Is your prowler a warbond or CCU? Mine in buyback is $425, impressed to see yours is $380?
  14. Wow.. the preachers look great, albeit they seem kinda weak
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