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  1. DirectorGunner

    Want to Sell Large OC LTI Fleet

    Is your prowler a warbond or CCU? Mine in buyback is $425, impressed to see yours is $380?
  2. DirectorGunner

    New weapons inbound!

    Wow.. the preachers look great, albeit they seem kinda weak
  3. DirectorGunner

    Ongoing Discussion New build

    the GPU announcement is tomorrow? Seems like a great build, I would maybe look for a mobo with some more future upgrade options and maybe up the ram to 32GB with the newer mobo but other than that a solid build. Personally I'm not a fan of the mATX boards unless you're building a portable LAN box.
  4. This is one is on my final WTB list, PM'd
  5. DirectorGunner

    RSI - Phoenix (Constellation)

    I could tell you why... but it's explicit... lol light bounces around and provides edge lighting if your guest is off to the side a little or moving forward. Highlighting... specific features of your guest ;D
  6. DirectorGunner

    RSI Apollo = Triage + Medivac (variant)

    A police or Transport Apollo would be awesome! Like a ... snub? ... Connie. In and out. All things considered... I feel disenchanted with this sale. For years, they've been giving a hangar model and poster with the ship you buy.... and LTI no matter what.. now... it's cash only for LTI.. and they don't even bother to give you any extras for it.. no hangar flair.. no exclusive skins.. nothing. Like a big fat f you to the backers with cash. This is why I have not bought this ship as a standalone.. only a few CCUs that I already melted for later.
  7. DirectorGunner

    Chris Roberts on UEC

    I lub you for this! thank you
  8. DirectorGunner

    Star Trek Captain Picard Returns

    I don't see the connection between a poop emoji voice acting and losing one's mind but... yeah we'll see how season one turns out. But I'm keeping faith in Sir Stewart's acting decisions concerning this TNG sequel.
  9. DirectorGunner

    Star Trek Captain Picard Returns

    After watching this It reminds me... that Sir Stewart is a rare kind of actor. He's old school, completely committed and hard work to do what's right for his character and the story. Like Bryan Cranston on acting steroids! Not sure if any of you have seen Sir Stewart perform in a broadway play... but he's special. Anything he does, for this new TNG... 20 years after Nemesis... it's going to be absolutely excellent... from Sir Stewart. You can take that to the bank!
  10. DirectorGunner

    Want to Sell [WTS] Digital Scout LTI with Apollo Triage LTI

    I don't think we can unmelt packs like these? eg Rear Admiral, if I melt mine it's gone forever.
  11. DirectorGunner

    4K 120hz

    Yes OLEDS are organic and break down overtime quicker than most non-organic LEDs. AFAIK. This is why I'll never buy an OLED TV or Monitor again. I just bought a QLED 4K HDR 240hz TV from iirc Samsung.. the colors are supersaturated which I don't like but the picture is very nice.
  12. DirectorGunner

    Star Trek Captain Picard Returns

    I'm so excited for this! TNG was the best! Classic has it's appeal.. but growing up.. TNG was it for me. Bonding time with my pops.
  13. DirectorGunner

    Chris Roberts on UEC

    ... we can tell them they can win SQ42 for a F8 and maybe some other yet to be disclosed perks...
  14. DirectorGunner

    Pork Belly Bites

    Some of the best pig belly, is from luncheon. Many filipino restaurants can get it or make it with enough heads up.
  15. DirectorGunner

    BMW self balancing motorcycle

    Saw this a year or two ago in a video where a guy tried to kick a motorcycle over and it wouldn't topple over due to it auto compensating it's center of mass and inertia or something like that. But eventually... ... we'll just have this anyway