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  1. Hamfrash

    New player, Controller issues

    Hey Citizens First I'm new to this, so if this is posted in the wrong place please let me know I'm just looking for help. I'm new to SC and was hoping to use my xbox controller as I've spent some time on Elite Dangerous on the xbox and I'm used to them. The issue is no matter what I try RB and RT makes me roll continuously and RB brings up interaction mode as well. I have tried changing the key bindings, removing all keybindings and starting from scratch, a very nice man on spectrum gave me his bindings file to use and after I had imported and selected the preset, the issue persisted, I removed the USER file and that didn't help and now I've completely uninstalled the game and reinstalled it and that hasn't helped. Has anyone heard or seen of this problem before or can think of what might be causing it??