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  1. Ninok

    new applicant Hey all o/

    i recently melted it for another pack, but i will probably CCU sth. to get it back in the future until then drinks will be served only on the PTU
  2. Ninok

    Imperial Starline

    how is this ideas progress going over the years?.. if there's anyone active on this project, count me in
  3. Ninok

    new applicant Hey all o/

    a nice ship to spend time in indeed
  4. Ninok

    new applicant Hey all o/

    Hi Everyone, my name is Ninok currently i'm having fun exploring the verse in my brand new 600i (Origin fanboy) and looking for a great community to grow with outside of SC i'm 22, living in EU that's pretty much it for now, i'm looking forward to fly with you o7