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  1. I'm probably just better off waiting for one in game to buy or waiting for the Origin version rather than RSI but if anyone has one for a reasonable price and before anyone starts about the reasonable price debate please don't... It's an item that costs $15 made for a ship that has a crew quarters bathroom for the VIP client to use lol. If anyone feels like they're done with their phoenix /pledge and would want to get their money back or let theirs go for like around $50 PM me. It's okay it this takes months, the game's nowhere close to being done and I'll probably buy it in game
  2. PayPal fees included in the price. Standalone Ships: | Ships | Insurance | Price USD | | ORIGIN 85X VALENTINE'S DAY 2019 | 6-Months Insurance | $50 | | TUMBRIL CYCLONE RN - IAE 2949 | 120-Months Insurance | $65 | | TUMBRIL CYCLONE RC - IAE 2949 | 120-Months Insurance | $70 | | ANVIL ARROW - ILW2950 | 120-Months Insurance| $80| | TUMBRIL CYCLONE AA - IAE 2949| 120-Months Insurance| $85 | | ANVIL HAWK - IAE 2949 | 120-Months Insurance | $105 | | DRAKE CUTLASS BLACK BEST IN SHOW EDITION | 120-Months Insurance | $105 | | ORIGIN M50 - IAE 2949| 120-Months Insurance| $105 | | TU
  3. Pirate Gladius LTI - $90 Pirate Cterpillar + Pirate Gladius LTI - $345
  4. An orgmate of mine has a Bomber pack that he's looking to let go if anyone is interested original price is $670 accepting offers.
  5. I am interested in the caterpillar pirate edition LTI non ccu'd Anyone have this as a standalone?
  6. I'm going to hold off on this for now I apologize, with the defender being pushed back to 3.7 I wanted to try it first and see if I liked it but that will be a while =[
  7. Hey Citizens, My cousin ended up picking up a Merchantman so I wanted to complement it with a Defender if anyone has one for sale Warbond preferrably for that lower price point. Thank you,
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