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  1. Hey Citizens, My cousin ended up picking up a Merchantman so I wanted to complement it with a Defender if anyone has one for sale Warbond preferrably for that lower price point. Thank you,
  2. Looking to get this for a new member of the org so he has an LTI ship
  3. Hey guys, Not sure why but I got this sudden urge to have the nox and both seen like cool colors until painting becomes a thing. Anyone have a nox 2 pack LTI for $70?
  4. If it's LTI then yes I am interested in offers. I got the Warden 24 months one
  5. Just melt it and wait till next week for the anniversary sale and get a decent 60-72 month insurance for a package w/ sq42
  6. package as in SQ42 + game access? can you expand the pic on the bottom and let us know what it contains?
  7. WTS a few ships in my buyback as I have switched my focus in the org and won't need these. F7C-M SUPER HORNET - LTI Original Concept- $190 DRAKE VULTURE WARBOND - LTI Original Concept - $130 PACKAGE - DIGITAL PIRATE - Origin Concept LTI | $200
  8. Looking for an LTI Original Concept Banu Merchantman for an orgmate if anyone is looking to get rid of theirs - $225. I saw someone was buying one earlier for $215 so I am trying to see if another is available. **Update** Got one thank you all for the help.
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