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  1. MasterBaiter

    Want to Buy WTB Vanguard BUK LTI

    If it's LTI then yes I am interested in offers. I got the Warden 24 months one
  2. MasterBaiter

    Complete WTB Reliant Kore

    Got one thank you
  3. MasterBaiter

    Complete LTI P-72 for Any Starter Pack

    Just melt it and wait till next week for the anniversary sale and get a decent 60-72 month insurance for a package w/ sq42
  4. MasterBaiter

    Want to Sell [WTS]Caterpillar w/ LTI package - $250

    package as in SQ42 + game access? can you expand the pic on the bottom and let us know what it contains?
  5. WTS a few ships in my buyback as I have switched my focus in the org and won't need these. F7C-M SUPER HORNET - LTI Original Concept- $190 DRAKE VULTURE WARBOND - LTI Original Concept - $130 PACKAGE - DIGITAL PIRATE - Origin Concept LTI | $200
  6. MasterBaiter

    Complete [WTB] Banu Merchantman

    Looking for an LTI Original Concept Banu Merchantman for an orgmate if anyone is looking to get rid of theirs - $225. I saw someone was buying one earlier for $215 so I am trying to see if another is available. **Update** Got one thank you all for the help.
  7. Bump - added another ship, we have another org member in need of a wildfire
  8. neh I already had an experience with a previous poster - this was the outcome: RSI Player Relations (Cloud Imperium Games) Aug 20, 08:55 CDT Hello, We have made adjustments on your RSI account to pledges, items, and/or store credits that were originally obtained through unauthorized means. These adjustments affect your pledges and/or store create and are permanent. RSI will not restore these items due to the illicit nature of the purchases/trade. If you received this item through a sale or trade using the Grey Market or 3rd party site, be advised CIG does not support or condone these trades. When purchasing ships through the Grey Market, you may receive pledges stolen from hacked accounts. We recover all stolen and reclaimed ships to their original accounts during Account Restoration. You may run the risk of losing a ship stolen or provided through melted ships from a hacked account. Any changes made will be noted on your Account Management pages. Click Credit Log to review the full changes. For full details, please see the Terms of Service, Virtual Goods section. The items and/or store credit adjusted to reclaim the illicitly received pledges and items are as follows: - 1x Scout - LTI (1148) - Received August 16th 2018 - $65 in store credit removed from ledger to cover unmelt of pledge. Pledge returned to original owner. - 1x Scout - LTI (7752) - Received August 16th 2018 - Returned to original owner. After the above actions were completed, a balance of $0 remains available on the RSI account. Best Regards Player Relations Management Roberts Space Industries
  9. MasterBaiter

    Want to Sell WTS - Origin Jumpworks 85X with LTI