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  1. For the Vanguard variants I would like Standalone, will update the post as I already got the comet earlier.
  2. [WTB] Pathfinder LTI, Arbiter LTI, Digital Mercenery LTI, Digital Scout LTI, Next Generation LTI, Vanguard Warden/Harb/Sent LTI Thanks to the PTU I got to try out some new ships and would be interested in one of the above Please send me your asking prices but do know I am trying to pay close to melt value so even if this takes more than 3 months I can wait as we are still in alpha. I've seen these go for that a month ago and missed a few sales last week for less than paid value so anyone not playing anymore that wants to make their money back I would appreciate your help. Thank you
  3. Want to Buy [WTB] Cutlass Blue Upgrade with advocacy tools

    to get for the final product yes but I was going to use it on this
  4. Want to Sell Selling many LTI ships

    How much for digital bounty hunter?
  5. Hey guys, I am wondering if anyone has the old CCU from a cutlass black to cutlass blue that would include an advocacy tools in there so that i can attain the pic attached. Thank you for your time