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  1. DrachViograh ^^ Scammer, bought credits from him, 6 month ago, my account was locked for 3 weeks and RSI removed his gift (ship/credits) from my account... May 10 2018, 9:23 pm - Package - 300i #3527664 - Reclaimed by Suppe86 for $160.00 USD May 10 2018, 9:21 pm - Package - 300i #3527664 - Claimed as a gift by Suppe86, value: $160.00 USD = Oct 29 2018, 5:27 pm -$160.00 USD - [PR] Unmelt of illicitly removed item - Pledge #3527664 Package - 300i
  2. suppe86

    Want to Buy Addons

    prices for this items are way to high.... just buy them ingame
  3. suppe86

    Want to Buy Addons

    the coat is on star-hangar,com or ebay... the hartwell is one of the rares items ever, i saw one in all the years, i think u will not find any of it, and if yes for to much money advo tools are not so rare, there are a lot on reddit, ebay, or star hangar... ----- there are more rare stuff, like the racing suit or big benny for your hangar
  4. suppe86

    Want to Sell 7xSaber Raven Codes for sale

    Sabre, not Saber
  5. already sold to me, 11 aug or so..