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  1. Mission Accomplished!

    12 - Mission Accomplished 2.png

  2. Star Citizen: Make it happen.

    13 - Star Citizen - Make It Happen 2.png

  3. Origin 315p new design

    05 - Origin 315p leaving atmo 2.png

  4. Test Pilot Seriousness!  No smiling for the camera.

    01 - M50 Crazy Stare.png

  5. @stefmarster@Shane@Steampunk @Psychopath

    Behold... Below is my suggestion for our Athena Unit...  The concept is based on our hilarious SC shenanigans where we are basically trying to "break" SC - for Science purposes!  Our unit founders chose the name Athena... for the Greek Goddess whose primary symbol happens to be the smart and deadly bird of prey - the OWL.   I designed a Crest that implements Greek weaponry (with talon handles) and a fire-eyed badass Owl.  The Greek translation of Challenge Everything is "Proklisi Ta Panta."  The crest is encircled with Blood for both the foes we defeat and the personal blood we spill while testing the boundaries of our Persistent Universe!  Gold everywhere represents our striving to move up the SC ranks in Style (top hat and monocle implied).   The Calico helmet represents the flaming Owl Eyes of the Unit Crest and presents a menacing gesture toward our prey! The Armor is a balance of being protective enough but also light enough to strike quickly and efficiently while intimidating our enemies with a red-eyed gaze.  So Athena Unit, let us go forth and Challenge Everything!

  6. So.... We have a new "Science" Unit recently created called Athena.  We test SC Boundaries... you know, for Science!  Here is my submission for our Unit Crest and common uniform...

    Athena Unit - Standard Armor Set and Crest.png

  7. We shall never forget you OG Freelancer MAX1392611559_FreelancerMAXmoon.thumb.jpg.27ee769edbe20ba1e1eb71daa2dfafdc.jpg

    1. FoxChard


      You can't see it, but I have my lighter out and I'm waving it around in the air. OH wait, I can't do that without setting off my sprinklers. Here you go then. 


  8. R.I.P. OG Freelancer MAX

    2018 OG Freelancer MAX.png

    1. FoxChard


      (It was never almost flight ready) 😃

  9. CIG you took my stairs away... Not cool.

    2018 Freelancer MAX Stair Entry.png

  10. So... Remember when the Freelancer had proportionally big guns that actually made the ship look  like it could defend itself!

    2018 Freelancer MAX Behringer Guns.png

    1. FoxChard


      ♥️Love you buddy.

  11. So... Thanks CIG for making the new guns so puny on the Freelancer.  They look like toothpicks now!

    Freelancer Max Orange.png

    1. FoxChard


      You're right, melt that silly max and get a DUR!

    2. FoxChard
  12. Had a great time with the team last night...  Thanks for the Shenanigans.  @Juntau @Rellim @stefmarster @Psychopath@stealthguy @IceMirror and everyone else who stayed up late.   We gotta do this more often now that 3.3 is pretty much stable with good frames!

  13. Cutlass Black meets the Hammerhead

    01 Cutless Meets HammerHead.png

  14. Permission to Come Aboard Captain?

    02 Permission to Come Aboard.png

  15. Hammerhead Bottomside

    03 HammerHead 1.png

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