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  1. Had a great time with the team last night...  Thanks for the Shenanigans.  @Juntau @Rellim @stefmarster @Psychopath@stealthguy @IceMirror and everyone else who stayed up late.   We gotta do this more often now that 3.3 is pretty much stable with good frames!

  2. Cutlass Black meets the Hammerhead

    01 Cutless Meets HammerHead.png

  3. Permission to Come Aboard Captain?

    02 Permission to Come Aboard.png

  4. Hammerhead Bottomside

    03 HammerHead 1.png

  5. Onward to our military engagement

    05 HammerHead Quantum Sun.png

  6. Visiting the Rest Stop... look at that tiny 600I below.

    07 Rest Stop Visit 1.png

  7. @stefmarster Playing the Will It Fit Game!

    08 Rest Stop Visit 2.png

    1. stefmarster


      It would.... if they had opened the damm gate xD


      ... I think....

  8. The HammerHead Crew from last night... thanks for leading the way @stefmarster @rellim

    09 The Crew.png

  9. It appears I have broken my neck!

    10 CitizenW0n Broke His Neck.png

  10. Valkyrie Liberator Belly... Pyschopath dies trying to EVA to get his dropped package.

    11 Valkyrie Liberator Belly.png

  11. Pyschopath wants a closer look at Asteroid Mining... Hilarity ensues... RIP Psychopath!

    12 Pshycopath Wants a Closer Look at Asteroid Mining.png

  12. So, Servers were really laggy tonight.  Took the Reclaimer for a spin and landed on Yela.  Proceeded to go to the back of the ship by way of the main bridge ladder and every time I made it to the top and down the hall, the server lag would drag me back down the ladder?!  After the third attempt, it just threw me to the bottom and instant death!

    Reclaimer - Main Ladder Death.png

  13. Taking the Reclaimer to Yela

    Reclaimer - QT to Yela.png