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  1. So, Servers were really laggy tonight.  Took the Reclaimer for a spin and landed on Yela.  Proceeded to go to the back of the ship by way of the main bridge ladder and every time I made it to the top and down the hall, the server lag would drag me back down the ladder?!  After the third attempt, it just threw me to the bottom and instant death!

    Reclaimer - Main Ladder Death.png

  2. Taking the Reclaimer to Yela

    Reclaimer - QT to Yela.png

  3. Reclaimer Orbiting Yela

    Reclaimer - Orbiting Yela.png

  4. Cutlass Red:  Left Front view

    01 Cutlass Red - Left Front.png

  5. Cutlass Red:  Left Side view

    02 Cuttlass Red - Left Side back.png

  6. Cutlass Red:  Left Rear Engine view

    03 Cutlass Red - Left Back Engine.png

  7. So in this picture you can see the three ship sizes.  Freelancer MAX (Size 4), Cutlass Black (Size 3), and Cutlass Red (Size 2).

    04 Cutlass Red and Black and Freelancer Max.png

  8. Hopefully they will revamp the size for the Cutlass Red.  You can see the size proportion clearly from this angle.

    05 Cutlass Red and Black size comparison.png

  9. 2018 Q4 can't come soon enough for me.  My beloved Freelance MAX is set for release to Flyable Status.  This ship is what caused me to Pledge past my starter package and has inspired me to invest in the game that much more.  From a distance it may not be appealing from the basic variants but up close the detail really shines through.  Long live MISC.

    Freelancer MAX -  Front.png

  10. The Cargo door.  Ive sized it up before with the Ursa and the Cyclone and I think the Cyclone has a chance to fit this variant.

    Freelancer MAX - Back.png

  11. Left side at an angle.

    Freelancer MAX - Left Angle.png

  12. The left side cabin and main guns.

    Freelancer MAX - Left Side Cabin.png

  13. The left side stabilizer wing and the missile rack.

    Freelancer MAX - Left Side Missiles.png

  14. The full weapons compliment on the left side.

    Freelancer MAX - Left Weapons.png

  15. The quad engines bumped this top variant into the size 4 ship class with the Connies.

    Freelancer MAX - Overhead.png