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  1. Oh hey its you, thanks for the suggestion, turning off my anti-virus software did the trick, stupid McAfee....
  2. Hi all, I recently ran into this problem when I was trying to reinstall star citizen. After the installer finished downloading the initial 10G this error message showed up saying that it needs premission, however pressing the "Fix permission"botton doesn't seem to do anything and I couldn't find anything online regarding this error message either. Anyone seen this before? What should I do?
  3. Thanks, I'll try and get another memory stick and see what happens and yeah I'm not hacking the game or anything, just flying around in arena commander which gets boring quick hence why I'm asking for help on improving performance so that maybe I can actually load crusader and get out of my bed with a frame rate higher than 1 lol
  4. I see, thanks for the heads up and no that's not what I'm doing lol.
  5. Okay, thanks for the suggestion although I am a bit confused about the TOS you mentioned, if I'm not suppose to be playing offline why are the options there? And just to clarify the offline mode I meant was essentially just the hanger and the single-player version of the arena commander, the one where you fight 15 waves of bots
  6. Hi all, I have only recently purchased the game package and started playing the 3.1 version of the alpha, but the performance has been a huge problem for me. I'll admit my computer isn't exactly top tier, or mid tier even but for some reason I was able to get a steady 20-30 fps or so on any offline/solo game types (I.e the hanger, single-player practice version of the arena commander and the private game mode in star marine) which is completely acceptable for me, but whenever I try to play anything online I either get series stuttering or get a frame rate of less then 1 fps. I tried visiting the crusader station multiple times but the game would either crash or play in a very slow motion in which it took 45 seconds or so to turn my head, plus when I tried quitting the game it would just freeze. I then tried playing star marine online but everytime I walk to turn or shoot the game freezes for 2-5 seconds rendering the whole thing unplayable. Below are my specs GTX 1050 Ti, Intel I7-7700HQ 2.8Ghz, windows 10 x64, 8GB RAM I know it doesn't meet the recommended specs on the star citizen website but since it is very unlikely of me to get an upgrade anytime soon is there any possible way to somehow enhance my performance to a somewhat playable level? Thanks in advance
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