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  1. Ok but you can get 64 GB ram packs. If it a memory leak it not going to stop it but could big you longer before it crashes. But i don't know much about this stuff i just play games.
  2. Think we have a little wait for the 50,000 GB RAM packs going on sale.
  3. If they want to add it just as a background peace. Something to make the fleets look more varied. At this time we only have the Bengal, Javelin and Idris, that we know about. With the Hammerhead you have a sub capital escort ship. As you don't need to bored or interact with it much other than flying around it i don't think it take to much work. And would make the fleets looked a lot better. Also they might only be in a very small part of the game.
  4. What do everyone here thing about the Hoplite? I know it a drop ship. But other than losing the escape pod in the middle, it still has everything the Warden has. Just extra use as a drop ship.
  5. That looks amazing. But a little out of my price range. But the deep desk do look good and only half the price. As i was thinking of doing a black and yellow or black and green build it would go great for with it. Could have the Drake one if i go yellow or UEE military if i go green. Thanks for finding this, i have to have a closer look.
  6. I think it just a joke and Montoya will probably see it that way. As for fighting Test might be a good way to train in Beta. Before a new patch and the wipe that comes with it. We could have a weekend war. The go back to being friends after. I think it be good training for large wars over a system or two. Also help people use their capital ships and train with them. How to repair and rearm them after fights. Test could use it for fun and training at the same time.
  7. Thanks for the feedback. Just want to say something i didn't make clear in my first post. That was in the 6 point, I meant changing the pair of Retaliators out for a Polaris. As that would give you the same crew needs as the pair of Retaliators. Yes it would probable cost more than the two Retaliators, Just thought having redundancy in the fleet might be worth the extra cost. But you are right, it is down to how much the customer will pay. As i am here. Just wanted to put my think behind having that hammerhead at the rear. With it's better turret coverage. I was think how would i attack that fleet. With Eclipses from the rear. Multipliable different angles but all from the rear. Yes the Fighters can turn and move to stop them, if you see them soon enough. But it a lot faster to turn a turret or two and start shooting on target, than turn a ship and then line up a shot. The Hammerhead has 6 turrets that could all turn and start shooting fast. Also if needed it could turn and take a hit of a torpedo saving the Orion. Hammerhead should turn faster than a Polaris and be cheaper to repair/replace.
  8. Hi, That a good well thought out post. I would change a couple things if i was going to do that fleet. 1) I would have the Polaris at the front of the fleet. As most of it weapons are forward facing. And it only have two rear turrets with what looks like limited field of view with them. Also has capital radar that might help spotting ships moving to intercept you. 2) I would replace the Polaris at the rear of the fleet with a hammerhead. As more of the turrets can face to the rear if needed. 3) Instead of having the Hammerhead ever side of the Orion. I have one above and one below the Orion. Also have the top of the Hammerhead facing away from the Orion. To give the Hammerhead top turret a better field of view. The idea of putting the Hammerheads above and below the Orion, it might give them a better field of view for all the turrets as the Orion wont be in the way. 4) As for the scout force i would change two of the Wardens for Harbingers. Should have close, if not the same range. Might be a little slower, but don't see that being a huge problem. But has torpedoes if needed to come back to help the main fleet deal with larger targets. 5) This Is just a extra one that might work, might not. But we have to wait to hear more about the ship. Swopping out some of the Sabre or Gladius for Defender. As they did say it had longer range than the other two fighter, so might help with having to refueling less ships. But that also down to how long the mission is and if they have the range to do it with out refueling. 6) I would think about changing out the retaliators for a Polaris. To also help with refueling, because this will let you do two ships at the same time. Also give you a back up if something happens to the first Polaris. If that damage or just component breaking and it having to leave. But would you think of them changes, It would be good to hear what you think.
  9. I think you are right about point 4. It is much smarter to patrol a smaller area. Where we have trade routes or mining operations. It take a little time but most smart pirates will learn not to attack any Imperium ship close to one of them areas, even if that ship is not in the area we are defending. As we could send overwhelming force to deal with them fast. As for your first point, I do think attacking pirates could have things to offset the cost. For one bounty's, we scan and find out who on the ship and we claim the bounty's on them. You get more money if they are live, but some will still pay even if they die, just not as much. Every little helps. You also have the ships they was flying. You might not be able to keep their ship. But i don't think it be anything stopping other people from the Org coming with their reclaimer and striping it for every UEC they can get out of it. But at some point, might be at a start of moving in to a area or when they get overzealous. You might have to go and show them the Org can use overwhelming force if need to guard it assets in a given area. But that also might be going into the next system where they are coming from. A stay out of my area or i come to your area type thing. You don't always have to use overwhelming force, but you need them to know it there if needed and you will use it. And that a big offset to cost you have. As for your sixth point. You are right but. I think you have pirates fighting each other over the right to a area. Or just attacking them because they have something they want. Or just griefing each other.
  10. As for the shield, i don't think Chris will want a full 360 degree shield around your ship like that. I also see some other down sides to your idea. The main one is shield don't stop ballistics. If you have a lightly armored ship and you only have shield. You want to keep moving. I might be wrong about this, but shields don't stop all the damage from missiles and torpedo's. So even with that shield up your still going to be taken a lot of damage if they are using the right weapons. Also I don't think it a good idea to use the medical ship as a shield to take damage. Or even having it at the front of the fleet at all. Should be at the back or in the middle. As for having a ship that can tank damage. I don't see why not. Just don't think it should be the medical ship. Something a little bigger than a Hammerhead. With lots of armor to tank the ballistic damage coming in. With two capital power plants, to power that shield. Also lots of coolers to help with all that heat. Should have ballistic weapons on it to help with power (They said this before with the Hurricane) that gives you limited ammo (downside to the ship). Should be on turrets, So it can shoot the ships coming around the shield. Because i don't think the shield should be 360 degrees around the ship. I think it should look more like a solar sail. https://www.bing.com/images/search?view=detailV2&ccid=bRFiB89o&id=FBC732B69ECE3B030CB9D71CB8C771D5A7675016&thid=OIP.bRFiB89oZZSE5Nx-plL8-QHaFE&q=Solar+Sail+Spaceship&simid=608043972519398247&selectedIndex=0&adlt=moderate&ajaxhist=0 https://www.bing.com/images/search?view=detailV2&ccid=eO6FGx%2bU&id=E055DCA6BAB3798920EB6A3CA556DF0CA641CCA8&thid=OIP.eO6FGx-UAdFrc7kl9ofV6wHaKX&q=Solar+Sail+&simid=608011717347315513&selectedIndex=182&ajaxhist=0 And the shield is in front of that. The more the sail takes damage the more power you have to put in to keep the shield up. If it takes to much damage if just fails. As you put more power in the more heat you make and the more wear and tear you put on all your parts. Meaning your limited on how long you can and want to keep it up. I think ships should be able to fly in to the sail. And it should do lots of damage to the sail. But it should also do a small amount of damage to their ships and do a lot of EMP damage to their ships parts. As you have all that extra power when the ship is not using the sail. You could have a EMP weapon on the front of the ship. Can't use the two at the same time, and you have a long time after using the one before you can use the other. Power needs to build back up or something, or the cooler needs time to remove the heat.
  11. I don't think you want a Crucible size repair ship in a fleet battle (not the way you have to repair in this game). Or for that a dedicated large medical ship. They could be targeted down and hurt your ability to repair and heal your ships and crew after the battle. Hurting your ability to get the fleet combat affected again in a short time. If you want a medical ship in fleet combat. You want something Polaris size, with something like a up-armored Argo (Or a number of them). So they can pick up the escape pods and take them back to the main ship. Where you can dock the pobs to the main ship for easy unloading. Then just jettison the escape pod after it empty. It should be more of a triage ship than a full hospital ship like the Endeavor. One main operation room (to treat the worst of the wounded), some beds and a area to put the walking wounded (until they can be treated later). Should have Capital armor and shields. It don't have to be that fast as it not going to be running in and out of the fight. That what the up-armored Argo's are for. Also don't need that much fire power as it should be trying to say out of the fight. Couple turrets should do.
  12. RSLtaken

    F8 Lightning

    Chris has talked about pricing. Some of the bigger ships you might need help to buy. So you could be talking 20,000,000 UEC for a F8.
  13. RSLtaken

    new Hi all

    Hi all, just asked to join today. Most people just call me taken. I am 32, from the UK. I am interested in all parts of military and industry. And have spent way to much on this game, like most of you. So i have ships for a lot of jobs I want to do. I look forward to working with you in game. If that shooting people in the face or selling stuff that way over priced and making us rich. Hope to see you all in game.
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