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  1. We Are BWC We are a veteran owned and operated outfit, but by no means do you need to have a military background. We are a global, multi-gaming community that thrive for gaming excellence. As with all of our games, you can expect a highly organised unit that provides training, teamwork, and a professional gaming attitude, but know that fun and Real Life is just as important as winning. Through 14+ years, not only have we maintained a standard of excellence across multiple games, but we have built a solid reputation in online gaming that believes in integrity, fair play, dedication, and teamwork. That reputation has carried over to great relationships among other gaming communities and game developers such as Riot Game, Sony Online Entertainment, Piranha Games, and Cloud Imperium Games. There is a dedicated chain of command that oversees our 1000+ active members across all the games we play. We have created and maintained our own meta game with our established decoration program that allows members to earn awards based on meritorious actions, participation, and contribution. Gamers who sign on with BWC can expect to find their battle brethren ready and willing to support them both on and off the virtual battlefield. We try to offer Real help to our members in any way possible while pursuing more formal charitable endeavors. We practice teamwork, communication, and coordination. We apply our "ONE TEAM, ONE FIGHT" ethos in everything we do. Because together, having one goal, we can accomplish and succeed more than individuals having their own agendas. And we do so without risking or compromising our ability to have a good time. In our community, we understand that gaming excellence and having fun are not mutually exclusive. Our Vision BWC will be looking to move in the direction of PvP with an interest in economic and industrial endeavors. We will cater to the majority of play styles in order to ensure our success in all aspects of this game. We plan on operating primarily on the fringes of the universe and make the dark depths of deep space our home. We'll stand ready to defend and maintain our interests in any theater of the universe. Requirements We do have minimum expectations for recruitment and require a commitment on the part of potential members even though Star Citizen is still a distance away. We're not looking for you to become a Star Citizen member, we're looking for you to become part of the BWC community and all that it has to offer, and to participate and experience excellence in all the games we play. We operate under a clearly defined Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) which serves as our charter and code of conduct. We expect all of our members to embrace what we call the "BWC Bearing" and conduct their gaming business as the quite professionals we've established ourselves to be. JOIN US: Register on our website and submit an application: http://the-bwc.com/forum/register READ MORE: Want to know more about BWC and its history, check out our Website: http://the-bwc.com/forum/About CHAT: Jump on Teamspeak and have a chat with fellow BWC members to answer any questions you may have: ts.the-bwc.com WHERE CAN YOU FIND US? Website: http://the-bwc.com Steam: https://steamcommunity.com/groups/The-BWC Twitter: https://twitter.com/bwc_gaming Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/theblackwidowcompany Twitch: https://www.twitch.tv/blackwidowcompany Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/BravoWhiskyCharlie