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  1. Lorville Landing Zone

    lmao i honestly just want the reclaimer to come out

    hahahaha what did i just read
  3. Origin 600 Thread

    Lowkey like really/super excited about this ship coming out :DDDD
  4. Protecting our industry.

    My dear Star Citizen friends, As it is recently known there will be mining ships in game and trade ships and what not. Additionally there will be pirates who will stall and stop warp jumps to raid and attack ships. How will we as an organization go about stopping this? -Max
  5. How to make $ for star citizen?

    What does everyone do to make so much money that they can buy cool ships?
  6. Role of Hammerhead?

    Hey all Who is curious as to what role the Hammerhead gunship will have in our military branch and activities :D???
  7. Hammerhead - Gunboat Anti-fighter

    Lowkey excited about this ship because it will simply crap on everything
  8. I love this radio station
  9. Finally joined :D