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  1. Trying to connect to the teamspeak. currently it says failed to connect to server. Are our servers down? -Max
  2. Thank you guys for clearing that up for me. I just wanted to point out that I take enormous pride being an imperium member above all else and will do everything in my power to not allow some shit/drama like this to happen to our organization or our beloved game. I do understand we will see shity players and moles and stuff like that perhaps happen in imperium but i hope we get to know everyone personally and protect what we hold dear. Thank you guys alot, -Max
  3. Greetings Fellow Star Citizens, Dreamers, Lovers Of Space, and Gamers. Today is my birthday and I am super excited! There's so much to look forward to in life and experience. As I was wrapping up playing in the PTU server for the night with a fellow Imperium member, I ran across a youtube video about an Eve Online War. I said screw it and watched it because I was taking a break. And I have to say honestly it scared the shit out of me. It was video regarding a war between Imperium and an alliance of players. The question that popped immediately into my head was (is this the Imperium I am in or in any way related to?). There was a lot of drama involved and some players even threatening each others lives (in real life). This so called "war" that was in an online game (let me remind you not real life) had turned so hostile and toxic that people had to get permanently banned from the game as well as having developers step in. This was all due to an entire organization was basically led by one guy who could be pretty much called a psychopath (mittiah or something)?. I am not trying to get you guys to read into this too much but I am really concerned about the future of Imperium, Star Citizen, other Organizations, and the community growing as a whole. I want Star Citizen to be a fun and inviting place, besides organizations such as Imperium. To keep our happy thoughts of space and exploring it inside pure. I hope to god that Star Citizen does not turn into EVE Online 2.0. Between the shitty ship models and the extremely toxic community, I am worried that this will somehow seep into Star Citizen when it launches. With people going to citizen con not to have a good time and enjoy the game but create petty rivalries and hate for no reason. Even though I am a young man, I have already experienced what immature. emotinally undeveloped adults are. It has to be one of the scariest things Ive ever run into (the first time being my step-father). My fear also lies into these kind of people not only showing up in the Star Citizen Community, Citizen Con, In-game, etc. But also perhaps being in Imperium? Let me be very clear I do not believe any current members resemble the toxic EVE Online community. However I fear they may end up in our organization and others that we are alliance to as Star Citizen gets more developed/closer to its release. Perhaps I am overthinking/overreacting. But I have to say, deep within my heart and soul I would be devastated if any of this kind of hate/anger/petty bullshit entered into our beloved Star Citizen Game. Whether it is between organizations or the community. I hope the developers of star citizen make sure there is no way other players can manipulate our organization, other organizations, the game, or people's ships/properties in any sort of way. I also hope that no player in our organization abuses their rights of command or manipulates our organization that would bring harm to it, our players, the game, or the community in any way. In reality this is just food for thought. But after watching that crappy video it really hit home and made me worry about what will Imperium become, what is the future of star citizen, and what will be the community? I guess it is what we make it? Please respond and let me know what you guys think because it would mean a lot to me if we could have a serious talk about this. Its legit keeping me up. Incase anyone is curious regarding the videos I watched that gave me worry, here are the following 2 links:
  4. lmao i honestly just want the reclaimer to come out
  5. Lowkey like really/super excited about this ship coming out :DDDD
  6. My dear Star Citizen friends, As it is recently known there will be mining ships in game and trade ships and what not. Additionally there will be pirates who will stall and stop warp jumps to raid and attack ships. How will we as an organization go about stopping this? -Max
  7. What does everyone do to make so much money that they can buy cool ships?
  8. Hey all Who is curious as to what role the Hammerhead gunship will have in our military branch and activities :D???
  9. Lowkey excited about this ship because it will simply crap on everything
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