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  1. Protecting our industry.

    Wait a cotton picking minute. The Terrapin has no loo. Not even a squater port-a-pottie, like some of the other starter ship. Guess Ill stick with he 315p.
  2. How to make $ for star citizen?

    Nope, started and ended in the same corp. A few of the guys wandered to different corps. I had my niche giving support via Basilisk or cruise missile, which ever was needed.
  3. Protecting our industry.

    Its on my short list. Its a space porcupine. Sounds like it was made for explorers, after all, who wants to collect trinkets....
  4. Protecting our industry.

    Camping rats were our specialty in EvE. Yup they are that dumb. My two main ships were the manticore, for whoop donkey, and the buzzard for snooping about and finding them dumb suckers One of the main reasons for me picking 315p. See them, before they see you. Just need the stealth paint job off of the Ghost
  5. How to make $ for star citizen?

    See this is what Im talking about, I'm just settling down to the idea of being solo in me 315p, and there are offers like this floating about. I know it can be done. I spent 15 years in a WWII fighter squadron. We met every Wednesday night for practice. Friday night was whom ever showed, and Saturday night was practiced multi-crew at its finest. Even in EvE, our corp was a hand picked bunch of rif-raf that did incredible things, and there were only 12 of us.(10 of us were adults that had known each other for decades, and the other two were kids, of two players) When I worked nights, I'd open hidden mining plots during the afternoon , A few hours later, the gang would reap what I had found. A unit of 10-15 dedicated crew members, and two ships can get a heck of a lot done. Dont matter if its two mining ships, combat ships, or exploration ships. A Sign above the officer's mess in Bristol England cira 1942: FLY ALONE, DIE ALONE
  6. Aegis Vulcan - Multi Profession 'Starter' Ship

    I'd not call it a starter ship. I would call it a specialized ship. Just like the ones we ran in EvE. Cept this one looks a lot better. One day Ill have one of these, a mining scow, and a DUR. Gee Ill be so busy, I may have to quit my real job, and come play full time. Good thing Im set to retire in a few years. Let all you young bucks (&clucks) pay for my new ships :-)
  7. How to make $ for star citizen?

    Org masters need to be able to recruit those that have the specialties that are needed for multi-crew birds. My passion is exploration. The main reason I will have to ween myself off of Elite D. But to be viable for multi-crew, I'm either the scanner tech, or have to be a miner also, to get a seat on a bigger mining org. I so love mining also. The transition from single seat mining scow, to multi-crew is going to be a huge step, and qualified butts for those seats will be in demand.
  8. Protecting our industry.

    Ive shown SC to a pile of people. The youngins that are interested ALL want to be pirates. Heck, there is even a pirate school video on you tube. Just like in EvE, ED, Jumpgate, and ever other Open sandbox sim, We the hard working folks WILL be in the minority. To me, "anti-pirate" means hunting those scurvious dogs down, and recycling their ships, while they are still in them.
  9. Airlocks dont care what yer wearing, or not wearing. Butt man!
  10. Protecting our industry.

    This is why the explorer data will be important. When you hire me, or buy secret mining locals, it will take the pirates that much longer to find you. The hang together, or be hung separately is the best bet
  11. How to make $ for star citizen?

    Biggest explorer that you only need one npc sidekick to run. If I want to go bigger, Ill join one of you guys ships.
  12. How to make $ for star citizen?

    After Nam, I partied away the next 25 years just glad to be alive. Now Im old and broke, yet happy as a clam at high tide. Buying the starter package, going to upgrade to a 315p, then save my in game money for a DUR, and Ill fly it the rest of my days.
  13. another alternative for a typical throttle or keypad

    and Im still running a $30 joystick
  14. <------ Still my EvE avatar..... EvE is still a sore subject, One of the things I look forward to at PAX prime is telling the EvE folks they managed to get our entire corp to move to Elite Dangerous. and we are STILL stuck with a portrait that goes nowhere man.
  15. How did you find Star Citizen?

    What, someone knows Lisa? Good thing I didnt say Apple II or 8088.