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  1. "Release" these days is a bygone era, along with "going gold". It's a superficial line in the sand, nothing more.
  2. Games are getting longer lifespans these days, I wouldn't limit SC with a 5 year life expectancy.
  3. I travel for business a lot with a gaming laptop, so I think this will be a good addition to my backpack.
  4. https://virpil.com/en/shop/grips/vpc-constellation-delta-vpc Just saw this bad boy show up, its ambidextrous so would make for a great HOSAS item, too. I don't have any peripherals beyond a keyboard/mouse yet, so with the scroll wheel and analog stick on the stick it could work as a 1 unit solution. Has anyone tried a joystick and mouse for gimball aiming in SC?
  5. Is the side joystick infinitely variable, or is it an 8 way switch?
  6. Good ole keen. Got it with a gravis gamepad from sams club I think...first game I ever bought as a kid. I'm in the process of moving, but I'll get more active in the coming weeks.
  7. After much research, I decided to apply to to Imperium! I'm a former EVE pilot, and my late game experience was with a smaller organization that held operations in a wormhole. It was a great experience, but I think I missed out on a lot of larger scale organized game play that the alliances got to experience in null-sec. My requirements for an organization were the following: zero tolerance for piracy large scale organization gameplay with specialty units null-sec operations effective organization through technology From my limited understanding of Imperium I hope this is where my Star Citizen career can thrive. I look forward to meeting you all, if y'all will have me! I'm a kickstarter supporter from November 2012. I've been looking forward to this game for a very long time! I've also pledged for an Outland Pioneer, since I enjoy economic side of gaming as much as the pewpews. Gotta end with a joke, so here's a practical one: I fly planes for a living, so this meme is kinda accurate Edit: Added my package & ship info
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