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  1. Aegis Hammerhead release by year's end?

    This would still be one of the largest player owned vessels in game to date though. Which means it's pretty freaking huge compared to what we have now. And it's also a patrol craft armed to the teeth so this would definitely be PvP meta against larger ships for those who have it. I still want to grab one of theses for my own collection, definitely worth having.
  2. Game Day, January 27th

    Can't wait for this one!
  3. Hologram Technology Shown Off at CES

    This is awesome but unfortunately it's not truly a 3D Hologram. It's LEDs mounted onto a rotating fan that creates a 2D Image, its actually incredibly impressive alone because how hard it is to align it all together so fluidly. But this is just one step closer to actual 3D hologram projection. Technology is just awesome
  4. Tumbril - Nova "Tonk" Tank

    Yeah I think we'll have purchasable addons or upgrades/retrofits for certain larger ships to cater to these, if not a new original concept as well. As it stands right now from what we've been debating nothing really fits the role to transport these things. Although it's stated they won't really leave the planet they are spawned on I feel like CIG will change that tune and add something for ground vehicle transportation down the line. It just makes sense. It'd fall in line with the realistic systems they have in place for logistics and transportation right now. Plus how bad ass would it be to see a large drop pod coming down from a Frigate/Destroyer, touch down and open those doors with tons of Marines storming out supported by a huge Nova tonk? That's bad ass to me.
  5. Looking to join Imperium - New

    Welcome to the Base and Imperium!
  6. Hi from TX

    Welcome welcome! Good to have more new faces with us! Oh and I might be tempted to joyride that tonk once it's ingame so watch out
  7. Tumbril - Nova "Tonk" Tank

    Do you think an Argo MPUV could haul one into combat? Or is it too small to carry it? I know it's not ideal but I feel like Metternich is right, they will absolutely release a dedicated vehicle carrier concept to go with these things. There's definitely more ground vehicles on the way so it only makes sense. And like I said above you already have Capital Ships that are meant for very specific roles and unless you want the Dev Team to spend an additional 2-4 weeks each on redesigning already designed ships then the only solution is a brand new concept.
  8. Tumbril - Nova "Tonk" Tank

    See, those are good things to mention beforehand bud. In any case you would already know which Capital Ships are meant for these types of Operations because if it cannot land or it doesn't have the proper facilities or equipment to deliver vehicles like these then you would know it's unsuitable for transport. Perhaps some of the other larger vessels which we still know little of would be fit for transporting ground-based vehicles, as it would only make sense to have troop transports or specialized methods of delivery for these things. One example that comes to mind is the Invasion of Normandy, during D-Day. Sherman Tanks are not amphibious, or rather they weren't before the plans for the invasion were thought up. The British had an ingenious idea to make it possible and thus you had the creation of the "DD" variants of the parent tanks at the time. You also had the creation of "TLCs" or Tank Landing Crafts created specifically for transporting the bulk of the armored forces. These were larger and more roomy than the regular landing craft that were used on the beachheads. Point being that transporting armored vehicles and mechanized units was never an easy feat and nothing is ever going to be the perfect fit for everything. You can't have a huge spaceship be multi-purpose because it defeats the advantage of being specialized in certain areas. I'm sure we'll see more info revealed about which ships can specifically transport large vehicles in the future.
  9. Tumbril - Nova "Tonk" Tank

    Many others? Please provide proof of this then, I'm absolutely curious about this. It'd be good to know which ships could actually carry these tonks, and if you've got more accurate info or dare I say, "insider" info than we do that'd be great to confirm. AFAIK it's just the Jav and the Polaris, being as they are catered to different roles.
  10. Tumbril - Nova "Tonk" Tank

    Of course it does, but Tonks are just as good as any ol' starfighter too. Can't hold ground without the heavies on the front. Plus who doesn't like pulling wheelies in a tracked tank? Oh and it's implied any Capital can carry these around, except for the Corvettes, I think.
  11. Tumbril - Nova "Tonk" Tank

    Cue Benny Hill music as I try to get my tank back
  12. Tumbril - Nova "Tonk" Tank

    I agree with you, the price is absolutely too high for a vehicle which is 'niche' at most. Despite having all avenues of combat in the game I'm pretty sure we'll mostly be seeing Space Warfare unless we have to take ground/territory on a planet. But it definitely doesn't hurt to have that extra ace up your sleeve
  13. Tumbril - Nova "Tonk" Tank

    I'll probably try to grab this Tonk before the sale ends simply because it never hurts to have more in your Hanger. Plus, to the naysayers () the Q/A does a great job explaining why it will be viable even against Aircraft on a ground operation. It's long range main armament (hopefully long ranged) would probably be ideal for perching on a hill top or an elevated position to support infantry in combat or under fire. This isn't something you'd use in a wide open field with no cover, etc. It's specialized or at least I see it being specifically useful for hardened enemy positions that cannot be approached by Aircraft/Spacecraft. Great way to break a turtled up enemy in their FOB.
  14. Hammerhead escorting role; Weapons loadout follow-up

    I think it was a combination of genuine love of the game and it's mechanics and the freshness of it being a newly released game to North America at the time. Majority of the players in WarriorPoets were NA but we had about 10-15% who were from the UK and a smaller portion from AUS. We were strictly 18+ at the time and the average age was probably in the early 20's. So people definitely had the spare time to play with if they weren't working or with family, etc. I think we managed roughly 55-60% availability overall when it came to major guild events or GvG/Sieges. Guild Wars was also a favorite game of mine by the way
  15. Hammerhead escorting role; Weapons loadout follow-up

    Just to chim in on your point about "availability of players" at any given time. In Black Desert Online I was an Officer in a very successful 300-400 man guild called WarriorPoets. If you know anything about Black Desert you know that at any moment the world bosses would spawn and would require the guilds resources to attack and gain the most loot from, these are world events so anyone and any other guilds could also participate, in these zones it was also a free for all PvP gankfest if any guilds chose to do so. Our time to prep, which included gathering potions, food, mounts, repairing gear and/or acquiring new gear before/during the call for the boss was around 10-15 minutes. And this was for a force of 100-150 WarriorPoets who were eager to swamp the world boss and claim it for our own Guild. Mind you, all we had were 400 members, tops. 1/4th of those were Traders/Crafters who didn't want to fight and preferred the PvE element of the game. We never had any issue communicating via TeamSpeak as long as we used moderated channels or talk privileges (This wasn't the best way to handle it but it worked, discipline played a factor here). We were able to down the World Bosses, and if needed even fight off rogue elements or other guilds who were in the way, and probably suffered 3-5% casualties overall on most runs. We would then take this same group, still cohesive after the first world boss, and go on to do some of the minor spawns that would come up after the major world boss. This was also the same case in Guild vs Guild. I was privileged enough to be given the GM Position of Guild 3, which meant I was responsible for 99 other WarriorPoets at all times. During GvG it wasn't hard to assemble the fighting force we needed to meet any opponent, unless it demanded more than 60-70 people which meant we would require the other guilds to assist. It never took very long to get every in the same TS3 channel and ready for the fighting and it was never hard to keep them together either. We were able to do this many times, over and over, for months before the Guild went the way of the ancients. The reason I'm giving this example is because this was capable and easily accomplished with 400 members total, we have 'roughly' 5,000 in Imperium (Going by Total Member Count). Although many are inactive or waiting for the release of Star Citizen proper, this still means a good majority may return so we wouldn't have to worry about the "numbers" involved. Fleet Compositions are fluid and can be realistically changed to suit any need of the Org. Although having a good and solid composition to field that isn't too expensive or out of proportion/cumbersome is probably ideal. As for logistics and economics involved? That's definitely a great point, an Army/Fleet can only go so far before its crippled by that. For that I'll leave it up to the brains who can do the maths on that.