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  1. Do we know the max crew? thx in advance
  2. what do we know about the armament of the Corsair?
  3. Memoriam

    Drake Corsair

    Since the presale stared what would be better Carrack or the Corsair?
  4. Why would anyone trade a cyclone-tr for a cyclone? You would actually lose 10$.
  5. well the carrack landinggear changed again.
  6. Well apparently there exists a new argo ship in the lore. "I’ll use an Argo SRV to tow in a busted 325a " (quote 1st paragraph) https://robertsspaceindustries.com/comm-link/spectrum-dispatch/16955-Advocacy-Archive-As-Good-As-Dunn edit: I dont know what SRV stands for, but I dont think that it is a Argo MPUV since the MPUV would be to small to tow a 325a.
  7. @Shifty Well Autodock/Autoland will help you.
  8. The Carrack fits in a 128 m landing pad called extra large. The landing pad is more common then the pad to call the Reclaimer, Idris etc...
  9. @Zero Null Cero Well not realy, the one I linked is The banu Defender Art and you can see a "natural" style (wich is the Banu Style) wereas the photos wich I posted, have a hight tech look, normal for the Xi An (since they are the "high tech species in SC). https://www.artstation.com/artwork/XENaD
  10. @VoA no not the SanTokYai but the background. Doesn't it seem weird that the background is an Xi An wall and it would be weird to hava a base with such walls => the SanTokYai must be in a Ship Hangar
  11. { https://robertsspaceindustries.com/spectrum/community/SC/forum/6/thread/a-new-xi-an-capital-ship-revealed-have-a-role-in-s got the image from the link } It seems like a new Xi An Ship is teased in the jump point.
  12. Memoriam

    MISC Endeavor

    Could someone explain what the size of the modules are refering to? Thx
  13. Have you noticed the new Cockpit. Looks like the field of view will be better than anticipated.
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