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    Build help New Build Advice

    A regulated front side bus speed will cause the CPU to spend significant or insignificant amounts of time waiting for data to arrive from system memory.
  2. Stimula

    Build help Update my PC

    I usually use https://www.kingston.com/us for ram and storage upgrades. It keeps me from having to rack my brain about compatibility and timing. Your i7 - 950 is toward the end of its supported lifespan so I would look there first. That being said, LGA 1150 ATX boards are not to costly but your gonna have to look backwards hardware wise before going high end.
  3. Stimula

    Trashy Nachos

    I don't even have words... The night I decide to start actively trolling the SCB forums I find this... I feel my brain is melting through my ears.
  4. Stimula

    Build help New Build Advice

    In addition to most of the hardware advice everyone else has suggested. My input would be to not forget to "Burn in" your Hardware. I love my 1080ti, and I treat her like a lady. But I would never push it unless I knew what it was capable of. I recommend using Passmark for your load/stress testing. There's not really any other way to tell if your fan setup is working as intended unless you step on the proverbial gas pedal. I also rely pretty heavily on CUPID's CPU-Z and HWMonitor to keep an eye on my custom rig.
  5. Hello all, just dropped an app. Have been following star citizen for some time now waiting for 3.0 to drop (and growing old in the process). This seamed like a good time to try and jump in with a decent group of players and official forums seamed to point in this direction. My background in digital crack addiction includes most big name MMO's, League, and World of Tanks (where I frequented top 10 rosters). Ive kinda given all of that up for something more expansive and persistent, which led me to Star Citizen. I pledged the $10 monthly subscription, and after several beer's ended up saying F*** it and dropped the 100 or so dollars on something larger than the jinky starter packs (the Freelancer to be more on point). On a more personal note, I am a full time student at the University of South Florida. I'm majoring in computer science, and have a growing back ground in many object oriented programming languages. I spent over a decade in the U.S. Army, deploying on and off to Afghanistan and Iraq several times... which is paying for all of my schooling. I spend most of my time now working on school stuff and farting around in the verse and in other games waiting for 3.0 to grow out of PTU. I play games for the social interaction, with the MMO's it was guilds, in tanks in was clans, and here im hoping that communities like yours make the social aspect of playing this game more enriching than what ive come to know from major MMO titles. I mean crewing a capitol ship... you cant get much more social than that.
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