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  1. They mentioned in a concierge email that they had revamped packages as well, did they hold that 'release' until tomorrow as well? I do not see any new packages that are available.
  2. Morphius

    Destroyer, Javelin-class

    zzz..."shngf... Huh? what? Time to blow up Alderaan, OK <mashes button>...zzzzz
  3. Morphius

    Destroyer, Javelin-class

    Thanks @GeraldEvans I should have thought of the size of the hoplite, as it seems to be it's intended personnel carrier off the Javelin. I was thinking of the Terrapin as a maxed (overclocked scanning to the max) agile scanning ship to use as a scout. Then try to use Argo's as the people movers.
  4. Morphius

    Destroyer, Javelin-class

    Do you think you could fit a Terrapin in the Javelin along with 2 Argo's? Use the Terrapin for jumping and scanning ahead and the Argo's for 2-8man boarding trips? Maybe even more Argo's tucked out of the way in that hangar, there looks to be some room not directly under the hangar door.
  5. Morphius

    New (applying) Member

    Hello, I'm new, been following the Star Citizen train for a few years and I'm finally getting to selecting an Org. I have a Mustang game package and the weekend warrior package.