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  1. Mistmoon

    Hello Fellow Citizens!

    Grand Admiral? (salute) Well come to the base, Sir!
  2. Mistmoon

    Hello from Colorado

    Welcome to the base! XD
  3. Mistmoon

    Destroyer, Javelin-class

    I love that Aegis style. It seems much bigger than i expected XD
  4. Mistmoon

    Looking to join Imperium - New

    Welcome! See you in the space!
  5. Mistmoon

    Hammerhead - Gunboat Anti-fighter

    What a great ship!. I melted my Pioneer for Hammerhead XD
  6. Pioneer looks base assembler. we can only build(maybe assemble) outpost and inside infrastructure, need to buy external add-on. Also outpost is too small - 48x x 48d x 5h (meters). is it possible to make multiple outpost in same colony or extend? i think early pioneer colonies will be grew up to bigger city (or village). but how can that small outpost turn into bigger city? it's seem weird. or are we playing Cities - SC instead Star Scitizen? XD
  7. Mistmoon

    Hello Everyone

    Wellcome! You'll be fall in love with base best place for Star Captins
  8. Mistmoon

    What the Hell is the State of the Game

    @Prospero maybe, we can play 3.0 in 2018. (also 3.1 and 3.2...... that's developed in parallel with 3.0) As danredda said, CIG developed procedural planet/city making tools. So they can make game assets more quickly. we can buy ships or modules with aUECs on 3.0 (not 100% bet). maybe we can play Squadron in last 2018 or 2019.
  9. I think the same way. Pioneer is not just only mobile constructor but also base itself. we maybe not need to construct habitation first, cause it has 24 beds enough to running early colony. So, we'd better make remote mine and refinery (also basic electric infrastructure, Defense turret etc...) rather than habitation. Though it's depends on how much times pioneer running without resupply,(it's also CIGs part) Early colony will be ran remotely.
  10. Mistmoon

    hello everyone! new comer from Korea!

    Yes? I'm here. is there any problem?
  11. Hello everyone! I'm just applied for Imperium. I'm MinKyeoung Seo, from South Korea (you'd better call Mistmoon or MM or else it's little hard for me) Currently Majoring Mechanical Engineering in the Unversity. After graduated maritime highschool, I worked at shipping company as apprentice officer (10,000t class Chemical-Tanker), Decided to change my career. 3 years ago, i heard about Star Citizen from my friend. and as you guys, now SC is one of my own dream. Exploring and fighting with cool professional brothers, making great fleet base is what i dreaming. (So, now i have Pioneer and Eclipse.) and i really want to get personal hunter-class destroyer. and Imperium is great place for my dream!. about my gaming life, i 'm loved in COH, MOW(men of war) and Wargame Series. also Grand Tactics and MMORPG. I played 6~8 hours per day before, Cause i'm student, now i barely playing at weekend. Anyway, i can't introduce myself more. (Thanks to my bad PR skill!) if you have any questions, just reply bellow. Really hope to be with Imperium.