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  1. I currently have a STY and a S.Hornet to buyback. I may do just this and use my token to get the SH back. edit: crap nevermind, just remebered I upgraded to the STY from a LTI token ship... back to being indecisive. -.-
  2. For me it is the exact loadout I would be putting on my S.hornet. But now upgrading for $15 that loadout is covered under the LTI. Works for me.
  3. Zenno-z


    I still have one in holding to buy back at some point.
  4. 6 words: Patience, wait for new flight model.
  5. I missed this and I'm dissappointed in myself. I am now following the Game day news forum with email notifications cause I forget to check the base forum to often. 😞 Follow the Game day news forum thread thing. It will send an email. I just did it for myself.
  6. I swapped my Connie for one. Being that I was going to mainly use my connie for Cargo and this has no struts and more computers.
  7. My computer is on fire!  I can see ash raining down on my screen!

    1. FoxChard


      ITS SNOWING!!!!


      I'm going to build a snowman out of the threads from 2014.

  8. Zenno-z

    Anvil Arrow

    From what I have read it's flight maneuverability is bugged. Quick fix is to lower and raise the landing gear again. Or to damage it and have it repaired.
  9. Do your beers freeze at that point? LOL
  10. Lucky bastard, wish I lived in Missouri
  11. @Gallitin How about those Chiefs!
  12. Sperm banks, future bastard kids will be turret gunners.
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