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  1. How about some "Power Groove" with the late great Vinnie Paul?
  2. @Colonel_Colt People these days like to make up fancy genre names lol. I use to play drums a lot. I can't say I do now for reasons. That drummer is just playing jazz. But he is really good. Pretty much Jazz drums over weird slow complicated sounding alt rock. They are from Japan. I just focus on the drums sometimes But yes you were right with Jazz. Aside from weird genre names lol. But I only care for jazz drums not jazz as a whole
  3. @Colonel_Colt Is this too slow?
  4. Danny Carey is a God. Here's a new favorite of mine. Ben Rosett is the man, living my dream.
  5. Nope, not at all. The MSR just looks nice at night. Engines look great but yes need to be toned down. To me, the overall ship looks way too big for those two little engines and whatever that is suppose to be in the back of the wing areas. Those two engines need to be increased in size. Or the little things in the wings need to look much more serious if they are suppose to be engines. I own the ship and love it but taking that center engine out killed the back end of it entirely for me. Looks more like a Mercury Star Walker now. 😞 edit: They choose a rover over loo
  6. Damn, those night pictures really make me miss the center engine even more now. 😞
  7. The only thing I find interesting with this ship is the open cargo bay with the utility hard point. Possibly Tractor beam? Wondering if that could be used to pull in floating cargo/etc. after a ship is blown up or what not? They did show a window pointing out the cargo bay. Could that be used to help aim the utility hard point? edit: Or if ship were to fly by without stopping and drop it's data pods or cargo pod. Could be perfect to quickly pick them up... ?
  8. Zenno-z

    Esperia Talon

    It's a concept, they will just make it fat to fit anything they need. >.<
  9. Zenno-z

    Esperia Talon

    can always just buy an upgrade to it and not apply it. Can even melt the upgrade and have it in buyback.
  10. It's nice that they made more room in the back, it needed some adjustments from what i remember when i bought it. But not every ship needs to be able to fit a rover in it, LoL. I bought it not expecting too. Would rather have it a smaller size all around proportionally then it fit a rover. Is there a smaller entrance on it? Or only the back ramp?
  11. https://robertsspaceindustries.com/pledge/ships/eclipse/Eclipse there ya go
  12. I currently have a STY and a S.Hornet to buyback. I may do just this and use my token to get the SH back. edit: crap nevermind, just remebered I upgraded to the STY from a LTI token ship... back to being indecisive. -.-
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