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  1. Zenno-z

    F7C-M Heartseeker Variant

    I currently have a STY and a S.Hornet to buyback. I may do just this and use my token to get the SH back. edit: crap nevermind, just remebered I upgraded to the STY from a LTI token ship... back to being indecisive. -.-
  2. Zenno-z

    F7C-M Heartseeker Variant

    For me it is the exact loadout I would be putting on my S.hornet. But now upgrading for $15 that loadout is covered under the LTI. Works for me.
  3. Zenno-z


    I still have one in holding to buy back at some point.
  4. Zenno-z

    Vanguards: And Then There Were Three

    6 words: Patience, wait for new flight model.
  5. Zenno-z

    Gameday, December 15th

    I missed this and I'm dissappointed in myself. I am now following the Game day news forum with email notifications cause I forget to check the base forum to often. 😞 Follow the Game day news forum thread thing. It will send an email. I just did it for myself.
  6. Zenno-z

    Crusader Mercury Starrunner

    I swapped my Connie for one. Being that I was going to mainly use my connie for Cargo and this has no struts and more computers.
  7. My computer is on fire!  I can see ash raining down on my screen!

    1. FoxChard


      ITS SNOWING!!!!


      I'm going to build a snowman out of the threads from 2014.

  8. Zenno-z

    Anvil Arrow

    From what I have read it's flight maneuverability is bugged. Quick fix is to lower and raise the landing gear again. Or to damage it and have it repaired.
  9. Zenno-z

    Voice Attack and HCS voice packs

    edit: nevermind, I got it.
  10. Zenno-z

    application Hello Hey Hi

    Do your beers freeze at that point? LOL
  11. Zenno-z

    application Hello Hey Hi

    Lucky bastard, wish I lived in Missouri
  12. Zenno-z

    application Hello Hey Hi

    @Gallitin How about those Chiefs!
  13. Zenno-z

    How to make $ for star citizen?

    Sperm banks, future bastard kids will be turret gunners.
  14. Zenno-z

    Game Day, January 27th

    I should be around