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  1. Beyond the Red Line

    Due to unforeseen circumstances. I will no longer be able to continue this story. Best of Luck.
  2. Beyond the Red Line

    Looking out a vast plain, my eyes squint slightly at the bright sun as it peaks over the horizon. Then I catch sight of you in the white dress you wore when we became one. Moving towards you it seems no matter how many steps I take your always out of my reach. I call out your name and they appear. I reach for my service pistol but find it not there, I yell but no sound comes out as the Vanduul start to swarm at you. I cry out only to feel a burning sensation in my chest. I look down, my hand covering a burned hole.. blood on my fingers. I look up and a Vanduul screaming in my face... Lexton's eyes flare open as he shot up from bunk reaching for his chest. Breathing hard he slowly feels the scar tissue from a wound given many years back. Closing his eyes at the sudden thunder in his head, the whiskey had done its duty and reminding him he was old. Hand slides up to his Dog Tags, his hand clasped over the Dog Tags and the two silver rings that hung near his heart. 'The past simply doesn't rest' he thought to himself as he slid his feet off the bed and felt the cool bulkhead floor. Standing up he moved to the HEAD to start his morning ritual. ::Naval Whistle Sounds:: ~:"0600, All stations report in by 0700. Status Report from all Engineering teams.Captain report to the bridge":~ the ship intercom called out and their was a momentary pause before the day's mess hall meal schedule was being called out. Lexton was standingbefore a mirror in the Captain's Head and reached over and touched the COM button andkeyed in for the bridge. "Captain to the Bridge, what is it?" Lexton said slightly agitated as he was in the middle of shaving. It wasn't the fact he was being interrupted during his morning ritual but more of the headache that spoke of a hangover from the drinking the night before. :~"Captain, a M50 arrived early this morning with a encrypted disc from Admiral Nazerath."~: the COM replied. Lexton slowly pulled the straight razor away from his face a moment pondering what this was about and if it had anything to do with the loss of the Avaya and her Battleship Escort. "Have it brought to my ready room" and with that said he closed off the COM. Nazerath hadn't check in on him in awhile, but he rarely had casual reasons to reach out to his command unless he had orders of the highest nature to discuss. To send an encrypted disc meant that whatever Nazerath wanted was top secret and wasn't taking the chances the communication would be intercepted. By the time there was a rasp on the door, Lexton had already been behind his desk pulling up last nights activity reports and looking them over. The officer who brought the disc was not one of his own which Lexton only assumed it was the pilot who manned the M50. When Lexton looked up to see the pilot it was a woman, young with dark red hair. Her eyes which stood out were a soft hue of green and Lexton could only think they were implants. "Lt. Durcot, service clearance code Gamma 54 Segma Fox 32 alpha" the woman spoke, her voice spoke of a Irish heritage. Lexton had keyed in her clearance code and pulled up her service record, she was under the service of Admiralty and jacketed for almost every small fighter or bomber that UEE had to provide. "Morning to you too Lieutenant. I understand Nazarath has sent you to deliver a disc to me" Lexton spoke in a manner to have the pilot get to the point. Closing her service record he folded his hands in front of him on the desk. "Yes Sir, Admiral also sends his regard that he could not deliver this in person with a crate of your favorite whiskey" she said simply and without missing a beat Lexton replied. "What no Lamp?" "What sir?" Durcot asked questionably and Lexton could only smirk and extend his hand dismissively. "Nothing, a private joke.. the disc please" Lexton asked and watched the pilot pull the disc out of her inner coat pocket. As the disc was handed to him, he looked at the seal and saw it had not been tampered with. Breaking the seal he pulled open the disc and looked at it the UEE laser encryption that could only work on a handful of access terminals which he assumed that Nazerath saw fit this would only work in Lexton's ready room. Slipping the disc inside the access port he looked up to the Lieutenant. "Thank you, your dismissed" he said softly as an image came up on the screen of the UEE logo and asking for a service branch security clearance code. "Yes Sir, also I wanted to make you are aware I have been assigned to the Lexington." she spoke and watched Lexton's eyes look up at her. "I know, and I am glad to have you. Report to Thrawn, heis my CAG. He will get you squared away." After Durcot left the ready he touched the command panel on the desk and secured the door with a priority 1 access code, which only himself and his Second in Command had the access code to get inside the room. Turning his attention back to the panel he entered his security clearance code and then his service number. For a moment the screen went black before revealing the UEE and Imperium logo and after moment revealing Nazerath. "Your old, old man.." he muttered under his breath towards the image. "Captain Norex, hope this finds you well but I am sure you will not be happy by the end of this briefing. There is a matter of great importance I am assigning the Lexington too, and you will need to meet up with the Battleship Bayern in three days. On route you will be joined by replacement personnel including your chief. You will have full crew for the duration of the mission, also with the personnel I am providing you three more Gladiators with pilots, rearmament and parts to get your ship in top working order." Nazerath paused and for the first time in a long time there was a seriousness that sent a chill down Lexton's spine. Next few screens were the full detail of what was being sent to him, including each personnel file, parts, ammunition, ships, and lastely ship proficiency upgrades. Nazerath came back on to the screen but soon minimized to a smaller box as a star grid came up. "Three weeks ago the Avaya was presumed destroyed by a Vanduul Ambush, this is not true. This is a cover up, as there was a ambush but the Avaya escaped. The Avaya was on her way back from a successful bombing mission of a Vanduul Ship Yard, during the salvaging operation we came across the Vanduul Computer Core for what would of been the brain of their new prototype battle cruiser. The Battleship Camcordia met her on route to escort her back to friendly territory. The ambush happened quickly and without warning, the Camcordia was destroyed and from our initial investigation the Avaya took substantial damage but was able to escape through an uncharted warm hole. The wormhole itself was deemed un-chartable by previous prospectors, but we did manage to get a sensor drone through and realized the Avaya must of plotted the jump successfully as her emergency distress beacon was found on the other side." as Nazareth spoke the read out of the star chart was shown and the readings of the sensors through the Worm Hole and the designated system calculations. Lexton paused the briefing and looked over the information. "You got to be joking me.." Lexton Muttered. The destination reading put the location of the Avaya deep into Vanduul controlled space. Almost six systems in, and the system in question was the Graunard System. It was dead space in all terms of the word with a Blue star at its center and only one orbital planet and was surveyed sometime before the war and was found inhabitable and no natural resource that was worth settling a mining outpost. This didn't seem right and felt more like a trap then anything, so Lexton pushed continue on the briefing. "Your mission is to meet up with the Bayern and head to the Equate System and use the wormhole to jump into the system where the Avaya and Camcordia were last seen. By that time, we hope have to have plotted out the Wormhole and with any luck be able to jump directly into the Graunard System but if we are unable too, you will have to make contact with me with alternative course of actions." Nazerath paused and looked at the screen as the image of him came to full screen. "This is a priority mission Captain, the computer core could change the course of this war, if the Avaya has been captured or unable to return to friendly space.. your orders are to destroy her at all cost. You have your orders Captain.. over and out." The screen went blank and then a data transfer was in place as the star maps, orders, course plots, personnel files, and supply list. The disc then ejected from the entry slot which Lexton grasped and broke in half. Tossing the disc into the trash he looked at the desk before him and let his mind reel at all the information he just learned, what he might have to do, and the time frame he had to get it done. Pressing his security code in, he released the lock on the door and then touched the COM. A naval whistle sounded throughout the ship and then Lexton spoke. :~"All hands, this your is your Captain. Prepare ship for departure, set Condition two. All section officers report to the bridge. Recall all birds. Over and Out"~: with the broadcast over he turned the channel over to the bridge. :~"Communications, notify the other ships that the Lexington has been recalled to another position. Rotation will be reverted to the single carrier operations. Also notify the other ships that the Lexington will depart the system within the hour. That is all.."~: Lexton released the COM button and slowly stood up and stretched out, the headache was gone, the worry of waiting was gone, now was just the mission before him and how to get his crew and ship ready for what could be its last mission. "To the stars I will fly, to find my glory, fortune or to find my death. I am a pilot, explorer, pioneer, miner, officer, captain, but above all I am a Citizen of the Stars" (( Don't mind typos/grammar, if there is anything I should change, point them out in a PM ))
  3. Beyond the Red Line

    Thank you for the Warm Welcome, and yes I did mean Hole I fixed it. Thanks for pointing that out
  4. It's time for Global LTI

    I agree, anything that is paid for with real life money should be LTI. It would most likely cripple the Grey Market as people won't be scalping the LTI Ships for profit.
  5. System Tririga grid D73A, in the ice fields the Bengal Carrier Lexington drifts with a minimal power signature. The ship runs cold to prevent detection from Vanduul Sensor Sweeps. The carrier is on its third tour in a ten year long war with the Vanduul. The Lexington was a Carrier of the Imperium Fleet, a massive organization of likeminded individuals coming together for a greater cause. When the Vanduul War erupted to a full-scale threat, military based coalitions were recruited as private contractors under the orders of the UEE. Imperium, like many Originations answered the call to defend the rights and liberties all citizens from the Vanduul threat. The Lexington is manned by 100 crew members, and her Captain is Lexton D Norex. The squadron under the Carrier is called the Jolly Rogers. The Tririga system is a contested system which continuous conflicts that arise every few weeks. The system holds no viable planet that can sustain life for colonization but there is the massive ice fields that can be used for oxygen converters as well water after purification. On top of the water, the Hydrogen Clouds mixed in with the ice fields can be harvested and used as fuel for fusion based reactors and engines. The UEE have designated this system as a medium priority staging ground, not only for its resources but the Segma Sector Jump Point in grid C69B which pushed into UEE controlled territory. The Lexington is not alone in the Trigima Sector as the Battleship Rising Sun, Destroyer Profen and Drake, and Carrier Avila were in similar positions near the Segma Jump point hidden in the ice fields with low power signatures. The two carriers ran caps on a rotating scheduling, launching two ship patrols with stand by caps if things hit the fan. The stardate is : 2004774.29, the Lexington is recalling her birds from rotation as the Avila launches her patrols. ::~"Blaze to Control, requesting landing rear bay".~:: Radio COMS echoed through the silent bridge. ::~"Control, Blaze you have the ball. Welcome Home."~:: Midshipman on the communications station replied back. Lexton had been nearby overlooking sector map and discussing patrol routes for the next rotation when he overheard the communication for landing. Lifting his left hand, he pulled the sleeve back on his sleeve of his uniform overlooking the time. "It is time already, swore it was still morning" Lexton muttered under his breath, time had passed to frequent then he liked which only pressed the feeling that the Vanduul had been silent for too long. The Lexington had seen its fair bit of action, and within the six months of the 3rd tour she had suffered damage to her aft front thruster assembly and her front top sensor array. Both had been patched and were in operational status but they were far from peak performance which meant there was a blind spot on her sensors and maneuvering on a rotating axis was slower then he liked. His chief of the boat has not returned from rotation, as he was home for the birth of his first child. The engineering crew were good, but the chief was excellent at fixing his ship. Grumbling under his breath he picked up the star charts that were laid out on a back lit table in front of him and handed them to Navigation Officer to go over his marks. Taking up his tablet he keyed through his schedule through the day and sighed as he didn't have time to catch up on correspondence. "Have Blaze come to my ready room once he has landed." Lexton spoke simply before turning away from the bridge. He paused and looked over his shoulder "Williamson, you have the bridge" Lexton called out before leaving the bridge. "Aye Aye Captain" Lexton heard from behind him as he took the stair way one deck down, where he would slip into his ready room. Once the door was closed he let out a sigh. The ready room was his own, it was home in all reality as the colony where he had bought land with his UEE severance pay had been destroyed by the Vanduul. The Lexington for all purposes was his home, and his heart was dedicated to his ship and oath to Imperium. Sure, the numbers had grown since the war started, and most of the numbers were from retired UEE members who had mustered out before the start of the war. But in times of War the UEE reserved the rights to ensure that a term of service is extended indefinitely til such a time peace has been reached or the war is lost. Which meant replacements were few and far apart since the start of the war and getting pilots, engineers, and specialization officers was near impossible. Everything was on the UEE Dime, as they paid the contract, but they didn't provide personnel unless there was a shortage of ships and for the moment that wasn't the case. He pressed Fleet Command for new pilots after losing three in the last engagement, and he was only given two retired Hornets and a Gladiator that had seen better days. But no butts to fly them, which only infuriated Lexton all the more. His crew was light as it was, for a ship that required a 200+ crew he had only 100 and 13 at that were pilots when he should house 40 at any given time. He had made due with the current situation by assigning double if not triple assignments. The rotation worked for the moment in time but things were stretched as far as they could go. Lexton's thoughts were interrupted by a rasp on the door. "Enter" he shouted through the thick bulkhead, even tho COM was close by. The door opened with a hinge groan as Blaze stepped into the room and closed the door behind him. Blaze was a middle-aged man, fighter pilot and was a fine bounty hunter before the war. Blaze was his call sign, and his full name as a Citizen was Thrawn Engles. Thrawn had been a childhood friend of Lexton for as long as both could remember, both growing up in the SOL System. "Sir, you requested my presence.?" Lexton's eyes looked over to Thrawn, seeing he had not stripped from his flight suit, which made Lexton smile slightly as the man came straight to him after landing. "Take a Seat" Lexton finally spoke as he made his own way behind the heavy cherry wood desk and sat down in his own chair. Thrawn did as he was told and sat in the chair across from him, which gave Lexton a full view of the man's features. The man being middle aged, he had the look of a harden soldier which only reminded Lexton of the toll this man had taken over the years in his command. At one point in time they flew together as Wingmen, Lexton was Thrawn's Wingman in the UEE. But the tides turned where Lexton traded his wings in for a command while Thrawn continued as a pilot which in Lexton's mind put a road block within their relationship. "Report" Lexton asked as he pulled up a file and opened it. As Thrawn explained the patrol and without leaving out much detail, the report was lacking in any interest to Lexton as he was more concerned about the news he was about to release to his friend and his CAG. When Thrawn was done speaking it was several minutes before Lexton realized he was done. "I'm sorry, I know you could of written all this down in your report, there was another reason why I called you here." Thrawn looked at him, his eyes not missing anything as this was one of those times that he knew Lexton meant to discuss something serious. "Prime bought the farm" Lexton finally spoke as his hand grasped two glasses from the top drawer of his desk and then a bottle of 50-year-old whiskey. Thrawn looked shocked and took several moments before speaking "How?" Shaking his head Lexton handed over the report. "The Battleship Camcordia came under ambush near the Elrosa Nebula, she was escorting the Carrier Avaya back to Star Base 6309 on the boarder of UEE controlled space. Intelligence determines that the Vanduul have found a jump hole into the system that ends up within the Elrosa Nebula. The battleship took six torpedoes within the first sixty seconds, and when her reactor went hot the Avaya couldn't maneuver out of the blast wave in time and was disabled. Prime was on the the Avaya along with 165 other souls, the UEE have determined both ships have been lost" Lexton paused and let Thrawn look over the report. The man had read fast and looked up "No wreckage recovered? How can that be?" Thrawn asked as he looked up towards Lexton as he placed the file back on to the desk. "The Camcorida was found a drift about a parsec away, all atmosphere lost and only a handful of dead crew. It’s my understanding that the Avaya tried to make a run for it, or possibly was disabled and towed away by the Vanduul. As we both know, they don't take prisoners. So, I don't put much stock on prime being alive." Lexton said softly as he looked at the brown clears liquid in the glass before him. Realizing he hadn't passed the other glass to Thrawn he took a moment to slide the second glass across the smooth surface of the desk. "It's no way to go, regardless of who it is.. Prime was a asshole but he didn't deserve this... no one does." Thrawn said softly and Lexton could only agree. "To the know it all asshole of the stars." Lexton said finally after a few minutes of silence and lifted his glass which Thrawn clinked his glass against his. The two sat and talked about old times and drank a few more glasses before Thrawn asked to be dismissed as he had duties to perform before hitting the rack. Lexton dismissed him and again let his eyes wander down to the watch at his wrist. "Never enough time" he muttered to himself, the slight buzz running through his body felt good and made the anxiety of his position be dulled down slightly. Slowly standing up the rush of blood hit his brain which cause the buzz to increase and only took a moment for Lexton to regain his composer. Walking around the desk he slowly maneuvered to stand before his book case, his eyes looked over the few books he had collected over the years and then stop at a picture of his first Squadron, when he still served under the UEE. Thrawn, Newly, Prime, Wolf, Sagat and himself were so young in the picture, full of dreams of citizenship and the last thoughts at the time would of been of war. "So young... so foolish." (( Slightly Modified Story, one I created a while back and loosely based on Star Citizen Information I had at the time. I enjoy writing from time to time, so will update this when I can. If you like to see your character or name within the story. Hit me up, and I'll see what I can do. ~ Lex ))
  6. Lexton

    https://robertsspaceindustries.com/citizens/Lexton Name: Lexton Occupation: Bomber Pilot I've pledged back in 2012, and have put sometime and money into the game to the point I will never back down from Star Citizen. Main reason I've decided to back Chris Roberts's Dream is his part in my childhood in opening my imagination to the possibilities of what's out there. I came into the late game to his creations, as the first game I played created by him was 'FreeLancer' and I spent Many upon many days exploring, fighting and Roleplaying Online with the Freelancer Community. Went back and played through the Wing Commanders to the best of my abilities and never looked back. Most likely one of the few people alive that love the movie 'Wing Commander' as I thought it was tastefully done. Main thing I'm excited about is playing my part in a Squadron in large operations, hopefully working my way up to be reliable member in a Squadron. Ships Owned: Retaliator Bomber Gladiator Bomber Super Hornet Constellation Andromeda Kruger P-72