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  1. So I just got the game last week and was unsure which ship package to pick to start since I don't really understand all the mechanics and features they provide. I ended up buying the Aurora MR since it was one of the cheaper ones, just wondering if I made the right decision or if the Mustang is superior
  2. Never knew you were from Ontario as well, good to have another Canadian here eh
  3. Glad to see you again buddy, getting the old gang back together
  4. Thank you very much for the warm welcome guys. And thank you Mage, I'm looking forward to being in a unit together again just like the old days.
  5. Hello everyone, just wanted to quickly say hello. Just downloaded Star Citizen yesterday so I'm not well versed in the game but was recommended all the same to this unit by a good friend of mine. Overall this website and unit in general seems to be very well structured and I look forward to learning and playing the game alongside you guys.