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  1. What are your thought on getting some Orion CCUs during the anniversary sale to later finance operations in game by selling them, Looking at how CIG is going to price things It can be inferred that the best Value for the money right now is the Orion at $325. It is Currently now doubled length and the volume has increased by a factor of 8. How Tony Z was showing the calculations for the price of Things ie. ships It would be safe to assume that the Orion will be around 250 Million UEC once implemented (speculating) .Currently have 2 but was thinking of Getting a CCU for my Blade and Eclipse both for $75 . If my speculation is correct I will be able to buy those Hulls many times over with the proceeds from the sale of just one Orion. Other wise if they let us lease or rent ships to people I would be able to make a Bunch of UEC that was as well as the overhead would be Lower thanks to LTI and not having to pay for insurance on them...… That's it I Talked myself into it!

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    2. Earl_The_Betrayer


      If CIG allows P2P Rentals 4 Orions (which Is what I'm looking at picking up already have 2) would be a nice chuck of change at ~2-5% purchase price or whatever it is just under what renting from NPC cost, and the insurance premium as a deposit with how ever many days rental would be lost for them to replace it after the claim in the event of theft or destruction. If its not rentable or behind a huger Reputation wall even better, but we will have to wait and see how and if they will put this in game and how profitable it is mining with an Orion in the first place. Profits might be too low to cover the cost of insurance claims/repairs from the deposits for it to make sense. But then I can always sell them for UEC which is the main pulpous for obtaining them given the multiple on my dollar to UEC I will receive. Win win! CIG gets more money I get more UEC (speculating).  Or in nothing else I Have 4 The org can use if we find a profitable belt or need to grind cash for something like maybe Outfitting one of the Javelins (hopefully all of them)  ect..

    3. VoA


      The Orion's ships will not only be valuable in terms of their desirability with the size of the ship but also in their productive capacity along with multiplayer options right now it is fun mining with a prospector but there's going to be a lot of fun likely with the refining and large asteroid mining which would have a different mechanic and the profitability May govern a high rental price which again increases the overall profitability of the ship relative to its cheap price point at the moment :)


    4. Earl_The_Betrayer


      Ended up getting only 1 CCU with the $125 USD price hike and going to trade in my 600I for another Orion bringing the total I have to 3 instead of the desired 4. But will be getting the Upgrade for my Idris to the K variant, so not all bad news, happy about the automated turrets, will lower the manning requirement. 

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