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  1. New Recruit looking for a Unit

    Divine hammer, I hope you get set up to be part of Imperium soon. If you need any help during the process, I'd be glad to help. Mage.
  2. Yeah, I totally understand that view. I personally do think travelling long distances should take a long time. Maybe I should clarify what I'm talking about. The distance between Earth and Arccorp its roughly 75AU. A Star Citizen AU is not the same as a real AU. So they only have it 'real' sized with AU, but their AU, in KM, is actually 1/8th the scale. At least that's what they said and what is consistent with the jump time in the CC17 demo. So, with that in mind, the trip from Earth to Arccorp (which, from memory, is six large jump points away) will take between three and four hours (I worked it out much more accurately, but I don't have access to the notes right now). That seems like a long time, and maybe you're just talking about one planet to the other type jumps rather than multi-system travel, but anything significantly less (like 20 minutes from anywhere) than this will take logistics and planning out of the game, pretty much. The price of being too far from him will be dramatically reduced. I want to have to plan for long trips, to know where I must stop for fuel, to be able to do multiple jobs along the way. I don't want large orgs to be able to assemble their entire fleet in 20 minutes. That'd suck, in my view. Although, like I said, we might well be talking about different things, as I jumped in a little late in the conversation.
  3. I suspect you're going to be disappointed with travel times. It certainly seems like it's going to be a very long travel time to other systems. Planets to moons, not huge, but there's certainly going to be a lot of travel time involved. From what I can tell, just by using the 1/8th scale, and working a few things out f rom the CitizenCon demo, it's going to be around 6 minutes per AU. That can obviously be tweaked, but I would be shocked to see it under four minutes per AU. In a space game, the size of space needs to be a factor. I'll be very, very disappointed if it isn't.
  4. Greetings from new baked IMP !!!

    Welcome! Any help needed or questions to be asked, there are a great many people to answer and a wealth of knowledge here. See you in the 'verse.
  5. hello

    Welcome to Imperium!
  6. Big Ass Donut

    1) Welcome, it’s great to have you here. 2) Exactly how big are we talking?
  7. Game Day, October 28th

    I'm going to try my best to make it, although it's not looking likely that I'll catch the start.
  8. Blackwellington!!!

    Blacky. Nice to have you back around. Mage.
  9. Glad to be here!

    Hi, welcome to the community.
  10. Hello

    Hi, welcome to Imperium!
  11. Gleave

    Gleave, Greats to have you here, Chief. If you need anything, just give me a shout. Make sure to go to the portal and connect TS and Discord. Mage
  12. Lexton

    Welcome to the Fleet, Lexton. Good to have you around.
  13. Martus

    We're very much trying, good sir!
  14. Cockroach

    Roach, Better late than never, old friend. It's good to have you here. I'm looking forward to finalising the details on the Unit, then I'll get you all set up. Mage.
  15. Musti

    Musti, Glad to have you here. Any questions, you know where to find help. Mage.