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  1. Oh gosh ye' willy, where did all the time go.

    I have been gone for some time and I have lost backup codes in all the ways I had saved it so I'm trying to retrieve it now. And here we are with a lot of changes and feels like I woke up in a coma, but in this case it's just fun.... ^^

    And now there are some ships to buy so....


    1. UbiQiTos
    2. UbiQiTos


      Ohh well, it ended with me selling what had, which wasn't much to then use the credit along with a bit of extra cash to instead by cheap separate starter packages for a simple ship and then Squadron 42 package. And with the rest buy the Anvil Hawk with LTI to later upgrade it.....

      And then let's see what to with another ship, sinc I don't have a pile paper to spend ships on, but all I need is a good merchant ship and a combat ship when the game starts, preferably with LTI..... ^-^

  2. Hi, I joined Imperium three weeks ago and haven't really been as active with the community for different reasons such as finishing work being really, really sick and more and thought I should say hello. I'm a Swede in his mid 20's and you can call me Ubi. I have been a long time follower of SC since 2011 but never joined for many reasons with life sometimes being in your way of your true calling... ^^ Long time gamer with lots of FPS in teams, as well played flight simulators when I was young but got tired of them because I didn't find planes interesting but spaceships on the other hand is pure fun, just haven't been any as fun as it is in SC. I got a Avenger Titan at the moment and looking to acquire more in time. I hope it will be a fun journey. PS: (I'm really unsure you can even say 'peacefully inept'..... please tell me if it's incorrect) (⊙ ω ⊙)