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  1. Build help

    Yeah I didn't actually take this processor into consideration because it is not released yet. I simply by rule of thumb choose Intel over AMD due to previous let downs. I also find Intel drivers and performance to be more stable and updated more frequently. I guess you could say at this point I would buy the tried and true name, even if the numbers for this new AMD CPU are better. Perhaps my loss and your advantage
  2. Build help

    I'd go with ASUS PRIME X299-DELUXE + Intel Core i9-7900X with a $4,000 budget
  3. Build help

    Personally I wouldn't ever go anything AMD. I see AMD as budget parts... sounds like your budget is good enough to get Intel parts. I wouldn't get a 2TB SSD.. instead get 4x 500gb SSD. Look at charts for parts that are as recent as a month ago for parts rankings. Also you can find lots of good information by browsing forums such as tomshardware where people build computers for fun and the bigger the budget ($4,000 is a good amount) the funner it is.
  4. I honestly prefer the standard Freelancer over both the Max and DUR... but if I were to get a Freelancer at all I would wait for the anniversary sale and get the MIS or trade on reddit... just because of the missiles. If the choice were between Max and DUR I would say MAX is a better choice just because of cargo space... after it is all said and done I think the main feature of the freelancer that will be utilized will be cargo space and small jump points, and the max has the most cargo space.
  5. Hey I just joined so I figured I'd come on here and introduce myself. I am Ganja, I started backing in 2016 although I've been following development since 2012. I own an LTI Merchantman and an LTI Cyclone-RC. I plan to focus primarily on trading and establishing routes. A little history about me... I started gaming on the MSN Gaming zone playing JediKnight Dark Forces II. I then moved on to StarCraft, Diablo 2, WarCraft 3, World of WarCraft, Ultima Online, Elite Dangerous, GTA V, PUBG, League of Legends, CS:GO, Overwatch, Ark: Survival Evolved, and many others. On my steam account alone I have over 3000 hours played, and more on my blizzard account. Gaming has obviously been a hobby of mine for a long time. I currently still play Overwatch and PUBG but not much of anything else. I am always looking for other players to play with and I can be found on teamspeak occasionally. I typically log off after awhile of playing by myself. I am 30 years old, I live in central USA. I can be found playing after 8:00PM Central time. Steam Name: Tom Sawyer Battle tag: Nemesis#11327 Hope to meet some people.