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  1. Doesn't matter. Summon additional Drop po- er...Pioneers!
  2. Heh, looks like we CAN colonize, after all. Cue domination through volume of presence.
  3. Gamescom Info So Far

    There was a TWELVE year (or greater) development gap between Diablo 2 and D3. If the man says it's not ready for release yet, I'm not seeing an issue.

    O_O We're THAT Imperium?! O-oh god...umm...damn, I wish I was in a better place to contribute...
  5. The point being, you wanna brag about the sheer number of planets as though they matter, when in fact they don't. In all, that's a huge amount of resources they could have put towards something other than remembering where several hundred billion useless balls of geometry are in space.
  6. You DO realize that most of those are A: Inaccessible or B: Simply don't have a station, so they hold no actual gameplay value, right?
  7. Elite:Dangerous was a get-in-quick space game that started with bare-bones flight combat, wherefrom they planned to expand. From what I hear, yeah, they expanded a bit, but at it's core it's still just buy triangle ship, blow up other little triangle ships for Reason X until you can buy a bigger triangle ship
  8. Maybe, but No Man's Lie and Eh: Doable are terrible games.
  9. New Imperium Website

    Okay, wasn't expecting THAT much work XD Seems I've joined the right place. <3
  10. Ground Combat and Base Building

    Oh okay. Yeah, even as much as I like mechs, I don't think it would fit much here greater than loaders. Actually, I think it would be cool if players built some shit, got bored and abandoned things. That gives other people more to find. Player-made derelicts if you will.
  11. Ground Combat and Base Building

    Are you talking Titan suits as in Titanfall? Because those ARE mechs. I'd like something like the MAX gear from Planetside 2. Also, I hope they fully flesh out planets and buildings to the point that we can survey for surface deposits of mineral wealth and set up mining colonies on the face. Maybe a whole production chain, much like Eve had back in the day, for making ammo and things.
  12. Where do I go now?

    I have an Endeavor in the hangar. Anyone who's interested is welcome to come aboard as soon as it's space-worthy!
  13. Ships that will be useful in exploration

    Why? To HAVE it, obviously! To be able to point in the night sky and go, "Y'see that? That is my home. Me and my mates found it and it was an untamed scrap of rock full-o-jungle and nasty biting beasties. Inside'o the decade, we cut out a little haven for ourselves, set up some shops, and now it's the ultimate safari destination in Space!" (Or whatever you find the planet and system good for) To boldly go. To find things noone else has seen. To get our name in lights, on charts and across systems! THAT is what Exploration is for!!
  14. Ships that will be useful in exploration

    I guess the verdict is that as far as my spearhead idea, we're gonna have to wait until closer to PU and pray to Christ Roberts that it won't be that much of a "sink" though that's a strange thing to hear from a 4K org
  15. Ships that will be useful in exploration

    Oh. Then what's the point of exploration? If we already know it's impossible to take a place and all that, I mean. Edit: I am talking scale-wise. What is an Endeavour for, with all its telescopes and sustainability modules, if A: It can't fit through jumppoints and B: You can't claim territory.