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  1. I have an Endeavor in the hangar. Anyone who's interested is welcome to come aboard as soon as it's space-worthy!
  2. Why? To HAVE it, obviously! To be able to point in the night sky and go, "Y'see that? That is my home. Me and my mates found it and it was an untamed scrap of rock full-o-jungle and nasty biting beasties. Inside'o the decade, we cut out a little haven for ourselves, set up some shops, and now it's the ultimate safari destination in Space!" (Or whatever you find the planet and system good for) To boldly go. To find things noone else has seen. To get our name in lights, on charts and across systems! THAT is what Exploration is for!!
  3. I guess the verdict is that as far as my spearhead idea, we're gonna have to wait until closer to PU and pray to Christ Roberts that it won't be that much of a "sink" though that's a strange thing to hear from a 4K org
  4. Oh. Then what's the point of exploration? If we already know it's impossible to take a place and all that, I mean. Edit: I am talking scale-wise. What is an Endeavour for, with all its telescopes and sustainability modules, if A: It can't fit through jumppoints and B: You can't claim territory.
  5. None of that refutes my idea, though. I said spearhead into the unknown, not Exodus into the darkness. The UNIT would be heading out into the Black, reporting what they find and surveying places that might be more favourable to long-term habitation. The rest of Imperium would be doing Imperium things, though I fully support the notion of marking out some space and staking our claim, as spreading out just lessens our potential impact in the world. The rest of that, wars, aliens, etc, is speculative and only applies in the vaguest terms. Also, we wouldn't NEED to remain hidden, but I agree that we should probably have a kind of resource stockpile until we're established in the new region, THEN send out the goods.
  6. It might be a good idea to set up a temporary Unit for the sole purpose of spearheading as far out into Null-space as possible to establish a New Rome of sorts. As in, that's the ENTIRE goal. PU drops, a unit drives Kurt J Mac style. Is there anything like that? I took a look at the Units and Exploration seems to be secondary.
  7. Apologies, sir! o7
  8. I'll have to wait on that until my eyes heal. LASIK yay XD
  9. Do we have a strike bomber unit?
  10. Personally, I bought an Masterclass Endeavor for a REASON, and if I can, I want to fly it till the space rims fall off, preferably in some unknown corner of the galaxy, my org's flag (probably Imperium) planted firmly in Terra Novus
  11. Looking forward to it! Zoom'n'Boom is my favorite strategy.
  12. Hello. Let us blow things up together. Good Luck. Have Fun. Much Explosion.