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  1. I use airbnb a lot for both personal and business travels. Sometimes the description about how many beds or rooms can be inaccurate but overall experience was positive. Sorry to hear that you got a weird owner who can't take any criticism.
  2. I think the list of names are those who donated some fund to get the painting done.
  3. Redeemer or Terrapin
  4. I'll take Redeemer. Just because I still see the Vanguard-class as heavy fighter and not an efficient drop ship.
  5. What should I do with my redeemer now...hmm
  6. Can't wait to eva around that ship
  7. I don't think so...
  8. My work PC (For making 3D CT images) has a MyDigitalSSD 480gb version. So far no complains.
  9. Congratz on everyone who got one ( or more!) during this event!!
  10. ha ha, what a fun way to start my Monday.
  11. I actually like the presentation - although I skipped the Spectrum part completely. The history part is really good for the new audiences, and remind us the humble(?) beginning of CIG. Spectrum doesn't belong in the Con. Definitely coming from Plan B - I don't even think it's belong to Plan B... If they could use this block to explain the delay. The Polaris video doesn't feel right...don't know how to explain but it doesn't feel right to me. ProGen v2 demo is good. I really enjoy it - Can't believe it's just an alpha demo that they designed in a couple days/weeks. The in-engine editor is gold. Cannot believe that they actually build a tool set that allows them to do this kind of thing. Not mentioning that the tool allow them to switch between editing mode and testing mode freely. This is the best bug-smashing tool anyone will ever get. QT from one planet surface to another planet's surface...speechless. PS. RIP that Javelin.
  12. Ouch....hope he gets well soon.
  13. Support whole heartily.
  14. @Twerk17Congrats and have fun!!
  15. Best wishes....it's just horrible.