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  1. neurotopia

    M50 Revealed

    @zerkerz... yeah, that's more in line with what i had envisioned.
  2. nuthin wrong with a freelancer. if i had the cash, i'd pick one up. it's a pretty neat ship.
  3. neurotopia

    M50 Revealed

    i think i'm the only person here who doesn't really dig the look of the m50. it seems... i dunno... not at sleek as i'd imagined. i still bought it, of course. i'm just a tad let down by the visuals.
  4. thanks irablue, that's kind of you to say -- though, honestly, i'm not sure i agree. but hey, i'm not one to turn down a compliment! and it does certainly serve as motivation to get off my butt and do some more writing.
  5. thanks! yeah, i'd like to do more with it. i think the character is pretty interesting. sadly, my creativity has been a bit short between work, family, and trying to finish up a thesis proposal. i'll most likely continue it, but whether that's weeks, months, or years from now is kinda up in the air.
  6. it might if they had an escort.
  7. i think it should be a combination of ship capabilities and player skill. i think a GREAT pilot in a really well outfitted freighter should be able to survive against a HORRIBLE pilot in a poorly outfitted/damaged hornet. or something like that.
  8. not just guys! 5% of the time there might be a girl there too.
  9. yeah, had an urge to be creative and an idea for a tech character that's a bit neurotic. liked the vignette in my head so i decided to write it down. still toying with some notions for a continuation. not sure if i'll write 'em though -- haven't done much writing (at least not fiction) in over a decade so i'm a bit rusty.
  10. i think that statement is true for any ship. but... looking ONLY at what we know, the three ships that most stand out -- in my mind -- are the hornet, m50, and constellation. each representing the pinnacle of available technology for their specific roles: the hornet is the dogfighter, the m50 for stealth and recon, and the constellation for carrying stuff. can they do other things? absolutely. can some ships be specially outfitted to do certain things better than the three ships i mentioned? most likely. of course, i realize i'm not including in my list ships like the avenger and retaliator but that's because we don't know much about them (relative to the other ships), at the moment.
  11. from what was said in the video and mentioned by others, i think the alien tech and baseline computing sensor systems -- as well as fuel efficiency -- are going to be what differentiates the two ships. right now the data we have is pretty limited. for instance, we don't know how sensor arrays, computing systems, or fuel efficiency will all actually play out in-game. if i was a developer of some kind (and i'm not), i would seek to keep the seemingly "lesser" ship relevant by giving it certain specialized advantages. so, sure, given what we see NOW, a connie looks like a better choice than a freelancer. but if the freelancer comes with a significantly superior sensor array and fuel efficiency out of the box, then it would clearly be a better choice for exploration -- in that regard. but if you throw in other factors (such as dealing with hostile forces out in nullsec while exploring), the connie is going to shine in a more well-rounded way. that's just my opinion and conjecture, of course, but it does seem to make sense given the way the two ships are talked about.
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