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  1. That's partly true, but there's a _very_ fine line on the balance of mortality and consequences between too lenient and too harsh. The problem is CIG seems to strive for utmost realism in every aspect that isn't inconvenient (let nobody mention the flight model... oops.) while seemingly failing to appreciate that actually doing the sort of things we all play SC for in _real life_ would get you killed at least once each day. RP isn't about sitting in your EZ-hab having a panic attack too afraid to come out for fear of not living to see another day; there needs to be some room for grandstanding and drama that the cold reality of real life doesn't allow for - just see "Hollywood vs. RL about basically everything" for a crash course. So approaching that with CIG's brand of aggressive realism is arguably not that great of an idea - I certainly have zero trust in them getting it anywhere near "right". Anyway, there's that whole "several lives unless you splat really badly" thing and all that so against all odds the balance might end up okay-ish - we'll just have to wait and see...
  2. Fair enough, it's not _really_ a rogue-like in that sense. Those whose focus is on material assets should only be mildly affected I suppose. This mostly matters for those who intend to RP - or, in my case, simply get strongly attached to each specific "incarnation" of their avatar and can't bring themselves to just call them all the same (or worse, "John Doe Junior the LXXVIIIrd"). Anyway, it's not an _actual_ dealbreaker; I do avoid permadeath games but hey, SC is in a class of its own, and as you said: progress is not completely lost.
  3. Or the biggest dealbreaker, for some of the people who aren't you. It's not like either side gets listened to at any rate, regardless of how much we may cheer or decry it - it just so happens that roguelike-fans get their wish on this one while everybody else's options are reduced to acquiring CR-shaped voodoo pincushions and/or not playing.
  4. No offense, but if this is the updated Origin style, I'm really glad I stayed away from the 300 series all this time. Way to Apple-y and I can't stand their style either. There also seems be a distinct "never mind the actual facilities, feeeeeeel the cuuuuuurves..." attitude both in the commercial, the brochure and the page.
  5. Watched stream, can't stop head-desking. After all this time, all these month, all this wait, we get what - a carbon copy of a mission we saw a year ago except wow, look at even bigger ships pew-pewing each other...? Oh, and tele-grimacing! That'll do it! And a list of what of what was meant to be in 3.0 not to expect to be in 3.0, yeah. Which itself is not to be expected, considering CIG's "near future" is typically code for "a few more months, but no less than one". Now excuse me, I need to go and drink until I forgot everything I just saw...
  6. To be fair, everything I ever heard from CIG, by Matt Sherman or not, went out of its way to emphasize that albeit transgressions are meant to have consequences, CIG will move Heaven and Earth to make them possible. Which immediately implies that all those of suitable disposition who, for whatever reason, don't fear consequences will definitely aggro the hell out of anyone in sight in a CIG-sanctioned rich multitude of ways. Which makes CIG significantly not-law-abiding-citizen friendly in a rather non-arguable way: no amount of ulterior justice served (if any, at all) does anything to undo a crime once it happened. That said, it remains to be seen how big of a problem that will be in practice of course.
  7. Dire Strait's not-exactly-rosy take on the subject is dearly close to my heart: TL;DR: Be careful what you wish for...
  8. I'm humbled by your words of praise but really, reality is much simpler - experience just made me a staunch cynic and misanthrope (TL;DR for you: there's nothing I can possibly do that doesn't become a million times better just by being done alone. Yes, really. "Hell is other people" - Jean-Paul Sartre). And no, what I set out to sign up for was definitely not a multiplayer game - but then the bastards at E:D went back on their promise to deliver a strictly offline game, so I got a refund which they tried to weasel out of but ultimately had to grant; then SC came along promising a single player campaign and I went for it because of that and that alone. Seeing as how the more fancy stuff to explore is going to be unquestionably reserved for the PU, yes, I'm here and I'll be playing it - while making sure I stay as far out of absolutely everyone's way and under everyone's radar as is humanly possible (and permitted by CR the almighty, who apparently loves "emergent gameplay"). Meanwhile, all I care is making enough while exploring to allow me to carry on doing it. There will be no team-up. There will be no escort hiring. Only the least-trodden routes and a few ships custom-tailored to survive them. Then again, that's just me - I wouldn't dream of telling you how you shall play "or else". Back on point though, I seem to recall they mentioned physical and legal ownership meant to be two clearly distinct concepts - physically stuff belongs to whoever has it equipped / stored in his cargo bay and that's that; legally, to whoever has it registered - which is pretty obvious with things like ships you start out nominally owning or cargo you may have purchased / declared on a manifest at some point, but a bit less clear for things you acquire as you go, especially if the previous owner doesn't seem to be around at the time. I guess we'll just have to wait and see, anticipating that there will be a bunch of funny corner cases CIG most likely didn't foresee (or at least bothered to handle) right off the bat. I'm sure there will be much noise made about the more lucrative loopholes (mostly from the, uh, "donor" side) prompting CIG to close them eventually - but all that seems in the far, far (far) future. Initially? Just expect mayhem.
  9. Same here. I did rummage through them all the way to the captain's quarters and back out, but I had an incredibly intense "I don't want to be here - JUST. GET. OUT!" feeling all along - and that was knowing that there can't be anything _too_ outlandish in there except maybe the occasional dead body / NPC pirate / fellow PC. It made me realize that if I ever find and attempt to explore any Starfarer-sized or bigger wreck, I might just haul ass quickish-like out of there at some point even if all it ever does is throwing funny noises and lightshows at me. Being forced to come face to face with one's own limits is definitely not pretty...
  10. I have the absolute most surreal feeling about all this - I was under the distinct and exceedingly strong impression that it was common knowledge, having been announced (at least) months ago that only a modest number of the full promised amount of systems will be ready at launch - unfortunately I wouldn't have the faintest idea where to look for the source of a potential quote, not even an approximate time-frame. It may well be "just" deja-vu but I could have sworn it was so...
  11. Eating, huh? I'm looking at my Beta's microwave oven with lots of newfound respect...
  12. Well it looks like I'll have nothing to drive, but dammit, I sure gots me a license to drive that! Don't forget to apply for one - if the past is any indication it will be rewarded with something extra... ;)
  13. Well, actually I was wondering just that (okay almost...) - then I just shrugged and pretty much given up hope of seeing CIG offer any land vehicle that fits into any small ship. Given that, it's not much use to me even if it would otherwise be rather handy.
  14. I have to ask - if "Tumbril Cyclone" is the buggy, what exactly is the "Limited Cyclone Dirt Devil"? Or if that's the buggy, then what's the former?
  15. Oh, I'm definitely looking forward to getting repairs done (instead of just filing a claim) at least sometimes, and possibly even NPC-ing a bit - it's just that I'd prefer to get to decide when I'm in the mood for that sort of thing and when I'm definitely not, instead of being held hostage by the insurance wait mechanic every time I take off and someone snipes me off for lulz...