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  1. Pretending to be dead, actually. Haven't loaded anything since before 3.5. Just one of those things where I'm supposed to care but I really really don't anymore...
  2. Is this one of those "well not actually in the PU but hey only suckaaaaz play anything other than the PTU anyway amirite?!?" things...?
  3. These two things are not mutually exclusive you know - I DID back both...
  4. Porcupine

    Drake Corsair

    I'd much prefer something with a smaller crew (1 or 2 tops is fine) but a proper _old_ Mustang Beta vibe, and possibly slightly larger than that used to be...
  5. Porcupine

    Dune 2020 (movie)

    The problem with that, strictly speaking, is that Dune the book(s) is faaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaar too introspective material to ever possibly get truly faithfully rendered as a movie. Inevitably, each new attempt will try to latch onto a specific aspect it believes it will do better than its predecessors and therefore "get it finally right this time", when such a thing is impossible by definition. My preferred version (Lynch's) is of course absolutely no exception to this, having failed to commit to film the essence of the books just as thoroughly as any of the later attempts; however, a) it was the first theatrical version of Dune I saw and b) had a hard to describe but definitely present pathos and grandeur (and having been the first, a certain naive innocence) that the later attempts exchanged for a more clinical take (probably hoped to translate to "more faithful", which as noted is doomed to fail nonetheless); and in doing this, (for me at least) it came closest to the books themselves which definitely have the same Grand Epic vibe. It's of course not my place to tell anyone else which Dune movie to like - but I heavily doubt anyone will ever manage to come close to the "original" as far as I'm concerned. I'm not excluding that someone might, mind. I just find it astonishingly unlikely...
  6. Porcupine

    Dune 2020 (movie)

    Have read all the (original Herbert) books. Films though - there was only one Dune: Lynch's. And that's non-negotiable.
  7. I'm quite on board with the general feeling but... this one thing won't let me sleep at night: how does one drink anything through the glass of a helmet...?!? 😁
  8. I have a Vulture and loads of time. Take a wild guess...
  9. Have you ever seen a "ship in a bottle"...? Well, same principle. They clearly build them form parts in there... :)))
  10. Porcupine

    Drake Herald

    Look, I can't tell you how the "data running" mechanic will play out in the end - I'm pretty sure not even CIG knows right now; all I CAN tell you is that I do own a Herald, and it's absolutely awesome in terms of interior space / cockpit view / speed / overall feel, and I would never ever think of melting it - yes, it's a subjective thing, but I think that little ships definitely worth it. If you have to make an effort forget it - but if you can readily afford it, GET ONE. You won't be regretting it.
  11. I only care about the prices of single-pilot ships - and right now, there's no way in hell I can afford something like eg. a Prospector. I happen to think that's NOT "as it should be" AT ALL, considering that ship is supposed to be a "starter" ship. And don't even try the "but but but buy in-game" spiel please - I'm not interested in spending real money on ships that can be lost for good, no matter how theoretical that possibility is alleged to be. CIG decided they don't want the money of " hoi polloi" (kudos to CR for recognizing proper use) starting with the Prospector, and may they burn in hell forever for it...
  12. What a bunch of obviously false bullshit. They DO "condone" grey market transactions, and have EXPLICITLY said so repeatedly, as long as it's only about ships and not about a whole user account. If they truly didn't, all they'd have to do is disable "gifting" and BAM, the whole grey market is - poof - gone! Just more proof you can only ever lose getting into any dispute with a greedy corporation. A pox on them and all their houses!
  13. I'd love to buy a starter ship with this profile, but this ain't that. Way, way, way too rich for my blood. Also, I can't shake the feeling that there is an awful lot of space in this thing being used for not very much whatsoever aka being wasted. Almost as if they've embiggened it just to "justify" the price. Oh, and if anyone happens to be shooting - I'd watch that tank under the belly...
  14. I'm against randomization too. I assume I would be quite fine with most faces thrown at me within reasonable limits but any particularly hard-to-identify-with mug would completely break the game for me. If random would be the unavoidable rule, I would insist to at least be presented with, say, three completely different options to choose from - I expect one of them would work well enough. Of course, none of that is a problem with free customization.
  15. Just popping in for a final thank you - third visit happened again in the middle of the night but since I hallucinated seeing at least two different shades of pitch black I went for it anyway - and leveled out of the dive within sight of the base (it's right above the crosshairs)... so yeah, it's possible (and thanks again!).
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