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  1. 3.0 Production Schedule

    I'm sure the only reason for the blur is that it's approaching so incredibly fast... can almost touch iiiiiiiit... /s
  2. Chris Roberts Interview re: Community & Release Dates

    Actually, the even bigger "problem online" is that those targeted by feedback more often than not use that quote as a convenient excuse to completely ignore the voice of those who, unlike the "poor" silent and dignified ones, care enough to actually speak up. Must be nice to get to disregard off hand any criticism you don't like to hear with "bah, it's just trolls"...
  3. Mustang (+ Variants)

    I'm... having horribly ambivalent feelings looking at this. Need lots more pics before I can tell yay or nay, including on the interior of the Beta - it better all still be there...
  4. Pardon me please for being obtuse, but where exactly do you see that page? The one I'm looking at on the RSI website looks decidedly different - old, unchanged, with only two tabs ("Technical Overview" and "Holo Viewer"). Is that much-touted "new" ship matrix even out already at all? The daily articles don't seem to say either way...
  5. 3.0 Production Schedule

    Sounds like the answer to "what state is 3.0 in" can mostly be summed up as "the crankshaft is still on the shop floor"...
  6. It's time for Global LTI

    I believe all paid-with-real-money ships should always have had a guarantee of not -ever- irreversibly going "poof". Yes, that means LTI. If there would be a hard guarantee of a ship not, ever, under any circumstances being able to leave its hangar (therefore potentially be destroyed) without a valid insurance, I would be inclined to consider how "meaningless" LTI is based on how much extra effort it would take me to acquire said missing insurance (not that I'm inclined to ever waste any on that, but I would see at least the point). However, as long as it is possible to take off uninsured, all $$$-bought ships should be LTI. Consider it an admission from CIG that goods paid for (with princely sums no less most of the time) should not be subject of permanent destruction if you're with the "we buy ships" crowd, or a gesture of grateful reciprocation for your generous support if you're a "we fund development" partisan, I don't care. Bottom line is CIG taking all that money then going "haha sucks to be you, suckerrrrrrr!" under specific conditions will never EVER pass as anything other than dishonorable back-stabbing in my book, no matter how many layers of "but it's your fault!" CIG would like to hide behind. Just my immutable $0.02 anyway...
  7. Star Citizen Rundown

    I was out there, roaming freely under the stars when the dinosaurs weren't even born... that's where I live! This world out here is just the unpleasant means that lets me earn the right to return there... ...how could I have resisted CR's promise of a new home?!?
  8. Origin X1

    You're right. Unfortunately, the Dragonfly is longer than a freight train and is generally failing to suggest "Chopper/Cruiser" to me in any way. If they sold a PROPER chopper in a reasonable size (especially one with any tangible exploration advantages) I'd be all over it even against my wallet's sternest threats - but, alas...
  9. Permadeath? Please make this optional, not compulsory

    That's partly true, but there's a _very_ fine line on the balance of mortality and consequences between too lenient and too harsh. The problem is CIG seems to strive for utmost realism in every aspect that isn't inconvenient (let nobody mention the flight model... oops.) while seemingly failing to appreciate that actually doing the sort of things we all play SC for in _real life_ would get you killed at least once each day. RP isn't about sitting in your EZ-hab having a panic attack too afraid to come out for fear of not living to see another day; there needs to be some room for grandstanding and drama that the cold reality of real life doesn't allow for - just see "Hollywood vs. RL about basically everything" for a crash course. So approaching that with CIG's brand of aggressive realism is arguably not that great of an idea - I certainly have zero trust in them getting it anywhere near "right". Anyway, there's that whole "several lives unless you splat really badly" thing and all that so against all odds the balance might end up okay-ish - we'll just have to wait and see...
  10. Permadeath? Please make this optional, not compulsory

    Fair enough, it's not _really_ a rogue-like in that sense. Those whose focus is on material assets should only be mildly affected I suppose. This mostly matters for those who intend to RP - or, in my case, simply get strongly attached to each specific "incarnation" of their avatar and can't bring themselves to just call them all the same (or worse, "John Doe Junior the LXXVIIIrd"). Anyway, it's not an _actual_ dealbreaker; I do avoid permadeath games but hey, SC is in a class of its own, and as you said: progress is not completely lost.
  11. Permadeath? Please make this optional, not compulsory

    Or the biggest dealbreaker, for some of the people who aren't you. It's not like either side gets listened to at any rate, regardless of how much we may cheer or decry it - it just so happens that roguelike-fans get their wish on this one while everybody else's options are reduced to acquiring CR-shaped voodoo pincushions and/or not playing.
  12. Origin 600 Thread

    No offense, but if this is the updated Origin style, I'm really glad I stayed away from the 300 series all this time. Way to Apple-y and I can't stand their style either. There also seems be a distinct "never mind the actual facilities, feeeeeeel the cuuuuuurves..." attitude both in the commercial, the brochure and the page.
  13. Gamescom Info So Far

    Watched stream, can't stop head-desking. After all this time, all these month, all this wait, we get what - a carbon copy of a mission we saw a year ago except wow, look at even bigger ships pew-pewing each other...? Oh, and tele-grimacing! That'll do it! And a list of what of what was meant to be in 3.0 not to expect to be in 3.0, yeah. Which itself is not to be expected, considering CIG's "near future" is typically code for "a few more months, but no less than one". Now excuse me, I need to go and drink until I forgot everything I just saw...
  14. CIG Catering to Pirates and Thieves?

    To be fair, everything I ever heard from CIG, by Matt Sherman or not, went out of its way to emphasize that albeit transgressions are meant to have consequences, CIG will move Heaven and Earth to make them possible. Which immediately implies that all those of suitable disposition who, for whatever reason, don't fear consequences will definitely aggro the hell out of anyone in sight in a CIG-sanctioned rich multitude of ways. Which makes CIG significantly not-law-abiding-citizen friendly in a rather non-arguable way: no amount of ulterior justice served (if any, at all) does anything to undo a crime once it happened. That said, it remains to be seen how big of a problem that will be in practice of course.
  15. Ships that will be useful in exploration

    Dire Strait's not-exactly-rosy take on the subject is dearly close to my heart: TL;DR: Be careful what you wish for...