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  1. Well, it wasn't the video drivers. I mean those too, because trying to launch the SC executable directly, sans launcher, no longer mentions something about a vulcan dll entry point when it dies. Now it just dies. Guess this is the AVX part. Guess it's also the part where I've just had my Citizenship revoked. I'll go get my hat now. For shame, CIG, for shame...
  2. ...also, I'd really like to know which unpaid intern coded the retarded launcher that just silently crashes the game executable instead of actually putting up a "hahaha, thanks for all your cash and fuck you very much Citizen, you're out!" dialog...
  3. I'm about as much of a pacifist as one can get, but right now I'd just like ten minutes with a chainsaw in a room alone with the guy with "we expect very few of you to be impacted". Just ten minutes! Please?!? It's totally fair, considering they are FORCING me to spend thousands of euros on a new PC, for absolutely just one single app, in a year I can't afford that, basically on a shitty whim. If all these years SC could run fine without "AVX" I'm absolutely sure it could have done so for many more years to come, especially seeing as how nobody at CIG gives half a rat's dick about making thing
  4. I used to play SC with no problems so far; having downloaded the latest 3.11 patch though, SC (the game) simply won't launch any more. The launcher itself (1.4.4) starts just fine, logs in just fine, but as soon as I click on "launch game" I _instantly_ get a "SC has stopped running unexpectedly" red dialog, no matter how many times I try, or how many times I attempt "verify". This is clearly not a network / CIG servers related issue, as it happens _far_ too fast - there's something in the new patch crashing, but "verify" does nothing to help. That would suggest though that I shouldn't be the
  5. Pretending to be dead, actually. Haven't loaded anything since before 3.5. Just one of those things where I'm supposed to care but I really really don't anymore...
  6. Is this one of those "well not actually in the PU but hey only suckaaaaz play anything other than the PTU anyway amirite?!?" things...?
  7. These two things are not mutually exclusive you know - I DID back both...
  8. Porcupine

    Drake Corsair

    I'd much prefer something with a smaller crew (1 or 2 tops is fine) but a proper _old_ Mustang Beta vibe, and possibly slightly larger than that used to be...
  9. The problem with that, strictly speaking, is that Dune the book(s) is faaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaar too introspective material to ever possibly get truly faithfully rendered as a movie. Inevitably, each new attempt will try to latch onto a specific aspect it believes it will do better than its predecessors and therefore "get it finally right this time", when such a thing is impossible by definition. My preferred version (Lynch's) is of course absolutely no exception to this, having failed to commit to film the essence of the books just as thoroughly as any of the later attempts; however, a) it
  10. Have read all the (original Herbert) books. Films though - there was only one Dune: Lynch's. And that's non-negotiable.
  11. I'm quite on board with the general feeling but... this one thing won't let me sleep at night: how does one drink anything through the glass of a helmet...?!? 😁
  12. I have a Vulture and loads of time. Take a wild guess...
  13. Have you ever seen a "ship in a bottle"...? Well, same principle. They clearly build them form parts in there... :)))
  14. Look, I can't tell you how the "data running" mechanic will play out in the end - I'm pretty sure not even CIG knows right now; all I CAN tell you is that I do own a Herald, and it's absolutely awesome in terms of interior space / cockpit view / speed / overall feel, and I would never ever think of melting it - yes, it's a subjective thing, but I think that little ships definitely worth it. If you have to make an effort forget it - but if you can readily afford it, GET ONE. You won't be regretting it.
  15. I only care about the prices of single-pilot ships - and right now, there's no way in hell I can afford something like eg. a Prospector. I happen to think that's NOT "as it should be" AT ALL, considering that ship is supposed to be a "starter" ship. And don't even try the "but but but buy in-game" spiel please - I'm not interested in spending real money on ships that can be lost for good, no matter how theoretical that possibility is alleged to be. CIG decided they don't want the money of " hoi polloi" (kudos to CR for recognizing proper use) starting with the Prospector, and may they burn in
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