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  1. Porcupine

    Debris field in Ariel's orbit

    I'm quite on board with the general feeling but... this one thing won't let me sleep at night: how does one drink anything through the glass of a helmet...?!? 😁
  2. Porcupine

    What would you do?

    I have a Vulture and loads of time. Take a wild guess...
  3. Porcupine

    2948 Intergalactic Aerospace Expo (IAE)

    Have you ever seen a "ship in a bottle"...? Well, same principle. They clearly build them form parts in there... :)))
  4. Porcupine

    Drake Herald

    Look, I can't tell you how the "data running" mechanic will play out in the end - I'm pretty sure not even CIG knows right now; all I CAN tell you is that I do own a Herald, and it's absolutely awesome in terms of interior space / cockpit view / speed / overall feel, and I would never ever think of melting it - yes, it's a subjective thing, but I think that little ships definitely worth it. If you have to make an effort forget it - but if you can readily afford it, GET ONE. You won't be regretting it.
  5. I only care about the prices of single-pilot ships - and right now, there's no way in hell I can afford something like eg. a Prospector. I happen to think that's NOT "as it should be" AT ALL, considering that ship is supposed to be a "starter" ship. And don't even try the "but but but buy in-game" spiel please - I'm not interested in spending real money on ships that can be lost for good, no matter how theoretical that possibility is alleged to be. CIG decided they don't want the money of " hoi polloi" (kudos to CR for recognizing proper use) starting with the Prospector, and may they burn in hell forever for it...
  6. Porcupine

    Account locked because of suspicious gifting?

    What a bunch of obviously false bullshit. They DO "condone" grey market transactions, and have EXPLICITLY said so repeatedly, as long as it's only about ships and not about a whole user account. If they truly didn't, all they'd have to do is disable "gifting" and BAM, the whole grey market is - poof - gone! Just more proof you can only ever lose getting into any dispute with a greedy corporation. A pox on them and all their houses!
  7. Porcupine

    Aegis Vulcan - Multi Profession 'Starter' Ship

    I'd love to buy a starter ship with this profile, but this ain't that. Way, way, way too rich for my blood. Also, I can't shake the feeling that there is an awful lot of space in this thing being used for not very much whatsoever aka being wasted. Almost as if they've embiggened it just to "justify" the price. Oh, and if anyone happens to be shooting - I'd watch that tank under the belly...
  8. I'm against randomization too. I assume I would be quite fine with most faces thrown at me within reasonable limits but any particularly hard-to-identify-with mug would completely break the game for me. If random would be the unavoidable rule, I would insist to at least be presented with, say, three completely different options to choose from - I expect one of them would work well enough. Of course, none of that is a problem with free customization.
  9. Just popping in for a final thank you - third visit happened again in the middle of the night but since I hallucinated seeing at least two different shades of pitch black I went for it anyway - and leveled out of the dive within sight of the base (it's right above the crosshairs)... so yeah, it's possible (and thanks again!).
  10. Porcupine

    Hologram Technology Shown Off at CES

    Holograms are right up there with faster than light travel in the exclusive club of things squarely at odds with physics as we know it - light won't ever just suddenly change direction mid-air so it can hit your eye appearing to be coming from where the "image" is supposed to be. We have countless ways of faking it of course for better or worse, but ultimately there always needs to be something in the air to project the image onto - at the very least a layer of mist / smoke / water droplets / whatever to serve as a "floating" screen. So yeah, "proper sci-fi holograms" are one of the very few things that are actually likely to come about a wee bit after SC gets released (see also flying cars and actual AI)...
  11. Porcupine

    Gallery of in Game Screenshots

    @wfja well, that's just it - to the best of my knowledge the ArcCorp "site" isn't in the game any more, only the two small ArcCorp mining outposts. Or is there some sneaky way to access the main ArcCorp site I simply don't know about...?
  12. Porcupine

    Is Star Citizen 3.0 Server Capped

    Unfortunately that was a rather pointless video. The question is not so much whether sufficiently poor hardware will affect frame rates (it unquestionably will at some point) but rather why different people with reasonably decent hardware that seems nominally very much comparable can consistently experience anything from "40-60 FPS" for some all the way to "never more than 10" or worse for others. We're not talking about "there can be a few frames lost depending on your SSD's speed" nor "don't use an HDD", we're talking about differences of almost an order of magnitude (not to insist on the matter but with a quad core CPU, an SSD, 16GB of RAM and a Radeon FX480 I get about 6-7FPS on average - in what universe does that make sense?). People wouldn't be baffled by higher-end stuff working better - they are baffled because hardware doesn't seem to change much even when upgraded! The actual question is why does HE get "40-60" while many, many others (not particularly me) with similar hardware seem to get far, far less? What exactly is so "bingo" about his rig - or maybe his rig isn't the cause at all? At the very least, a meaningful test would have been taking his rig and moving it to someone else nearby known to never catch a break, and seeing whether it still does "40-60" plugged into that bloke's wire. And finally, I can't confirm his blaming of disk drives - yes, while my RAM was full the resulting paging to an HDD utterly crippled the game down to a literal 0.1FPS; but with more RAM (and a new SSD) disk access dies down quickly after the initial load and stays at fairly low levels - yet FPS sucks (unless the Gods smile, and I can miraculously suddenly play over 20FPS! Only happened twice on fresh logins; only lasted mere minutes...). It's actually stupidly obvious - if a PC is proven to be capable of rendering things with ease in offline mode, and if you stay still so nothing around you needs to change or load: why doesn't the FPS spike up at least then...? The only things remaining that can limit FPS in such a static situation are outside your PC's case. Which means exactly nothing has been explained beyond "playing on a Pentium I is inadvisable"...
  13. Porcupine

    Gallery of in Game Screenshots

    ...wait, what?!? I thought ArcCorp was not supposed to be in 3.0...!
  14. Porcupine

    New SC Dev Tracker

    It even has an RSS feed, you can see each title it's pulling in as a list in your reader (or live bookmark)...! That's... pretty damn neat.
  15. Okay, had to try again - this time I found it without any difficulties, came in right next to the base. One thing I'd add explicitly to the guide is that stopping at 350km from OM6 you have to turn around back towards the OM4 you came from - I know you can see this on the image but it's what threw me off track the first time: I was expecting to just look down and find the shapes, still looking towards OM6...