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  1. Thanks for the insight, I see what you mean now. One more reason to watch it, I'm going to the theater some day next week, hopefully.
  2. Honestly curious... which weakness story wise of the first one you mean?
  3. In a nutshell, this, a thousand times this! Eyecandy, graphic fidelity and all that jazz, ok. But solid gameplay is what it should be all about, and I'm not sure it will get the love it deserves.
  4. Sorry for the late answer. I meant an increase from its initial original price of 50$ iirc, but maybe I'm mixing up ships.
  5. Unless things have changed (it's been sometime I don't play the ccu game) you can stack many different ccus on the same ship. Rumor had it that it that after the sixth or seventh things could become a bit shaky, at which point you asked for CS. Personally I applied up to three ccus to the same ship with no problem.
  6. It sounds ok. Only thing is I don't see ccus from the Nox yet, but they are usually added some time after the begin of the sale. Then the Tana has increased in price, I'd make sure the 0$ ccu still works and is in your possession. Other than that it should work out imo.
  7. Looks good... Edit: too bad other platforms except Steam are a 125k goal (yes, I loathe Steam). Unfortunately it doesn't look like it will be successfully funded anyway, pity.
  8. Yes, different roles. But my reasoning is that with the 200$ Hull C I could probably make enough creds to buy all the Terrapins I need. Afaik it's not a faction specific ship or a rare one, so I plan to get one in game pretty easily.
  9. I'll definitely get this little gem in game, as the price is way to high imo. I know it's about backing/supporting... still for about the same money you can get a sabre or hull C.
  10. mmm... interesting! if it changed I didn't hear about it. Of the two ships that are ungiftable, one is because I got it back from the buyback list with the token, the other might be because of a credit ccu but I can't be certain, unfortunately I can't remember.
  11. That's what I would like to know too.
  12. Sorry, but I'm more confused than ever now. Wiki says the original concept known as Surveyor became the Carrack. The Reclaimer is pitched mainly as salvager, with dedicated processing equipment included. And "a manned cutter which may be deployed for EVA/recovery operations." is no snub in my book. It might do some exploring, if modular enough, but it won't be good at it, the same way the Carrack won't be a good salvager. Just my 2ct of course.
  13. mmm.. I might have missed it, but where does it say "...and exploration" about the Reclaimer? Besides it lacks a ground vehicle or snub, and I wonder what its drones are for. I like the Reclaimer but imo the Carrack is a true explorer.
  14. hehehe poor thing!
  15. I have two leather jackets and two Duratex. The one I use most is a Dainese Touring jacket (dura/goratex). It can be paired with the line up trousers, attached on the back through a zipper. The best for me is that the extra winter layer and the sleeves are detachable, so I can effectively use it in all seasons and weather. Specific apparel is important, don't neglect the helmet as well. https://media09.motoblouz.com/images/catalogue/1593958_p65_f.jpg Similar to this one. Edit: didn't mean to brag about having 4 jackets, I've sort of collected them through the years, the oldest having about 30 years but still good.