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  1. Sounds good 👍😊
  2. Awesome Can't wait
  3. Ongoing Discussion

    I bought this and absolutely love it. It definitely comes in handy as I'm doing multiple things.
  4. Wow I love this video and the music that went with it. That Idris is huge!!!
  5. Wow those stainless steel cards look nice! I like the first one. Thanks for posting 👍
  6. Glad I didn't miss out on anything lol
  7. I've tried the steam controller before but I wasn't a huge fan of it. It's still sitting in the box lol
  8. Welcome to Imperium!
  9. Looks awesome! Great job
  10. Holy cow you would accept $242 for an RSI polaris? Does that come with LTI?
  11. Hello Everyone, I recently became an Imperium Member and I'm very excited to become a part of your organization. I found your organization by searching through the list of organizations on the RSI site. I am new to SC though I am learning fast and have acquired much knowledge. I have enjoyed meeting a lot of you already and I hope to get to know more of you. You can also find me on PS4 mainly and sometimes on XboxOne. Yes I'm a console girl but I have taken the leap of faith onto PC. I am always up for gaming so if you want to play any other game or SC with me, please do not hesitate to add me to your contact list on the RSI website. I will do the same for you in return if you inform me of your handle name. My handle name is CocoaSip. My time zone is EST but I'm sure we can compromise on a good time and day to meet up as I'm flexible. Feel free to connect to me via Twitter and YouTube as I do record my gameplay of various games. I hope you all enjoy your time in SC.
  12. Thanks I'll check it out If anyone wants to add me to their contact list on RSI let me know and I'll do the same for you. My handle is CocoaSip