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  1. thanks guys glad yall liked it!
  2. This is what Star Citizen 2.6.3 is all about! The PU (the game's universe) has become more stable and Star Marine (the FPS module) has been balanced and loads quicker! This is aimed at those whom have just found out about the game or aren't sure where development is up to (also has shiny gameplay). please let me know your thoughts on the YT!
  3. Welcome guys & girls to a Vanduul themed video looking at the Scythe's big brother, the Glaive! This is one of the alien craft available in Star Citizen 2.6.1. Personally it reminds me of the Cylon Raider ships from Battlestar Galactica and that is why it is so awesome!
  4. Welcome guys & girls to a short video looking at the wonderful mini hauler, the Reliant Kore!
  5. Welcome guys & girls to a quick video showing you where to find the Weapons Cache & Journal Entry Locations On The Kareah Security Outpost.
  6. A quick news bulletin as Will Maiden has been talking on Spectrum about how cargo with work with pirates, smuggling and more in the Star Citizen verse. Will also briefly spoke about about how we might see the first iteration of cargo in Star Citizen 3.0. Reddit Post: https://www.reddit.com/r/starcitizen/comments/5zz795/will_maiden_on_spectrum_unplanned_qa_about_cargo/
  7. Game looks great fun and seems to play a bit like Zelda but for PC, Mac & Linux followed by consoles (PS4, Xbone & Switch). "Pine is an action adventure game in which an intricate game ecology adapts to your actions, inactions and choices." Kickstarter Page: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/twirlbound/pine-an-action-adventure-game-that-adapts-to-you
  8. thanks for posting this! is weird to see someone else posting it up instead of me
  9. A quick news bulletin as Development Director for Foundry 42 Frankfurt, Brian Chambers, has just confirmed that mining will be in Star Citizen 3.0.
  10. I've put a quick video together about (CIG System Designer) Will Maiden's recent comments about how cargo will work/be effected, after he spoke to backers on Spectrum. https://www.youtube.com/watch/qJ9sJh236lY
  11. hi guys this is a 2 part Q&A session that was held at this weekends PCGW event. Enjoy!
  12. Hi guys so I've just released the second episode of my "What You Can Do In Star Citizen 2.6" series. The first episode focuses on the biggest ship in the game the Starfarer and the second video looks at the most basic of the hangers, the Self-Land hanger. The idea is you can show this to those on the fence or new to Star Citizen to understand what is currently possible in the game. Future episodes will look at Arena Commander, Star Marine, Shopping, Grim Hex etc.
  13. Here’s a short video of how it is possible for players to glitch outside of the Arc Corp Area 18 map. The below video explains how to use the “/sleep” animation to glitch through the wall and end up outside on an otherwise inaccessible platform. While this is a glitch on Arc Corp, it does not seem to work on the competitive Star Marine maps. Due to this and the fact it only enables access to a new landing platform, the information should not be able to be abused for personal player gain. To The YouTube!
  14. Hi guys so I've just posted up my first my first video about the awesome SC. It would be great to get some feedback for improvement, for future episodes (as well as a sub/like or two!). I know it is cheeky but feedback on here would be great but comments on YT would be awesome! I focus on Star Marine as it is realistically the big new addition to SC with 2.6.