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  1. I am Trader from EpicNPC.com Here is my reputation link: https://www.epicnpc.com/itrader.php?u=272481 Feel free to contact me here or on www.epicnpc.com or via steam/skype/discord.
  2. Hello Guys, I have got a Star Citizen Account for Sale.Account Price - $99Account Description:-SHIP with LTI - Anvil Hawk-CCU Anvil Hawk to Cutlass Black (You can upgrade Anvil Hawk to Cutlass Black + Cutlass ships are going up in price soon, so good deal for you)-PACKAGE - Aurora MR MC Starter-100M REWARD - 2945 WAR BOND-CHRISTMAS REWARD!-Total Melt Value - $115-5000 UEC Contact info:STEAM - http://steamcommunity.com/id/xMaisonx/ SKYPE - xmaisonn1xDiscord - Maison#4753 Screenshots & Backer Titles:
  3. Welcome aboard, Benny, looking forward to see you in the game
  4. Hey there, my name is Maisonn and I am grateful to be a member of Imperium org once more I was once a backer of Star Citizen and Imperium member, but have lost faith in game development, so I got rid of my account and unsubscribed from forums. But a few month later I realized that it was a mistake and decided to return. It's awesome to see that Game development is moving on and that our community keeps growing, it made me really happy, because I can finally see how the game will look like after the release and I wanna be a part of it's development. I am grateful to be accepted to this organization once more, I really hope that Imperium will be one of the most successful orgs in SC and we will have lots of fun playing together. I enjoy my stay, Looking forward to see you guys in the VERSE
  5. Damn that's right, I enjoyed reading this, thanks
  6. Hey there, folks, My name is Maisonn (Bogdan is my real one) and I am interested in joining this organisation once more. I used to be a member of Imperium before. A couple of months past and I decided to come back, so i got a new profile and got a game package. I love Star Citizen and want to be a part of Imperium as Military Division member, can be a military officer or lead a squad of fighters in space/ground combats or secure other ships that are a part of the organisation. Also I have been a Moderator of Garry's Mod Community servers where I stood as a community guy and as contributor to community server updates, so I have some experience in dealing with different people and be part of a big community. However, as I am a student and I spend a lot of time at the university I might not be as active as others, but would be ready to take a part of big changes in the org when game is released. This is my RSI profile just in case - https://robertsspaceindustries.com/citizens/Maisonn. I have already sent an application message to join Org on RSI website, but I want to inform you, guys, here as well. Thank you for understanding, hope I will be accepted again.
  7. Dan_

    My new monster

    Alright, I think I have solved my problem for now, but if I get any questions regarding this, will definitely do this.
  8. Dan_

    My new monster

    Nice setup, any ideas about how to improve Windows 10 performance? after reinstalling win 10 my games seem to lag frequently, tho my PC should be fine at running them.
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