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  1. Ragnus

    I'm sure gremlich, as good as he is, has kept a few secrets up his sleve.
  2. Ragnus

    This is a test of my signature and avatar. hope it works out Gremlich has been here all week setting up my system, We have all the recent downloads and are ready to rock and roll. Hope this all work out, so we can kick some ass along the way
  3. Ragnus

    I think that I might have found one!! Thanks
  4. Ragnus

    Not sure, want to look around, find something unique
  5. Ragnus

    Where's the best place to find good photos for my avatar?
  6. Ragnus

    I sometimes question it myself Gremlich is actually a pretty good guy, I probably would not be a part of this if it wasn't for him. Really looking forward to getting started
  7. Ragnus

    I sometimes question it myself
  8. Ragnus

    Pretty cool, maybe someday I'll own one Thanks, can't wait to get started Your right, I am pretty new, but I learn fast
  9. Ragnus

    My name is Ragnus and I recently signed up for duty. I've been watching this for awhile, and can't wait to get going. My friend and comrade Gremlich is already in and I can't wait to join him in what should turn out to be a great exploration adventure. As a real life military veteran, I'm always ready for adventure.