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  1. Sweeeeeet!! I'll be attending. Great promo @Switch
  2. ErrolMc

    Feedback Wanted Tether Free VR

    Just like SC, VR is an area where patience is clearly needed. It's a shame so many developers won't be up front about the state of their tech. I appreciate they want backers to fund and participate in continued development, but the hype is such a turn-off. Just say, 'this kit is expensive and has limited real world use at present', then offer incentives for backing anyway. For instance, some colleagues and I set up a conference call with 'Sulon Q' based in the U.S. off the back of the video below. Within 10 minutes of us chatting with their techs. re. performance and ergonomics it was cle
  3. ErrolMc

    Feedback Wanted Tether Free VR

    Came across this piece of kit and wondered if anyone has tested it or heard any feedback? Apparently, it frees your VR gaming experience from the constraints of tethers. it's 100% compatible with Oculus Rift or HTC Vive and requires no hardware modification or adjustment. http://kwikvr.com/
  4. BSOD issues usually begin following some form of update to your setup, ie. hardware, software or drivers. If you can identify any major change prior to these recent crashes that's a good place to start. If possible perform a system restore to a date prior to crashes and see if the problems go away. If system is then stable, manually update drivers and/or software one at a time and see if problems begin again. To test RAM I'd recommend Memtest86: http://www.memtest86.com/ If system is not OC'ed then remove any GPU tweaking software and just use the required drivers. Finally, twea
  5. Great read. https://goo.gl/4FJ95T (Amazon Link) As usual, the book is way more enthralling than the movie. Still, enjoyed both and looking forward to Blade Runner 2049
  6. Following the disappointment of the Holiday Live Stream, this is a nice surprise for subscribers. Downloading PTU, today is now officially a 'write off'!!
  7. I enjoyed this so thought I'd share "A Corporation, abroad a Constellation Class Starship, has been charged by the UEE to deliver critical cargo for the completion of a secret listening post." Soz, should have posted under 'Multimedia & IT\Community Creations.
  8. I'd have to agree with @Rocket Man. Whilst I can see the appeal of a color system for ease, I'm looking for more. What has me excited about SC, right now, in its alpha phase with minimal gameplay, is the promise of something more. Like so many other commercial industries right now, game developers seem to be putting their shareholders first and the consumer needs second. Lets find a model that is successful, copy, sell, rinse, repeat. Nothing original, nothing of value. CR states he's trying to "create a living, breathing science fiction universe with unparalleled immersion".
  9. Hahahahahaha, great find. Printer is spitting them out now
  10. @Pixel Fuzz I'm with you all the way, don't judge a pilot by his Drake!! Welcome to SCB
  11. Nice roundup and preparation guide for Alpha 2.6 from Bored Gamer. Enjoy.
  12. @Gremlich @JakeStoanes Thx for the feedback and good point. I reviewed the gfx and user.cfg tweaks but didn't apply them. The Win10 optimization was enough to greatly improve performance.
  13. @GeraldEvans many thx. So ... I just watched Imperium Insider Ep 3: Exploration. I like it, I like it alot How do I sign up for the 313th Star Hawks?
  14. EDIT: Apologies, noted that the review was for a different joystick. I purchased a couple of 'Thrustmaster T.16000M' joysticks for myself and my son, total game changer! https://goo.gl/eRvDgN Yes, the button clicks could be firmer, but for a £40 stick it's a good purchase. The accompanying TARGET software and documentation made keymapping a simple process, overall very pleased.
  15. I came across this SC performance and tweaking guide by YouTuber 'BoredGamer' and the results are astounding. Guide No.1: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=U8K9Xfn6YlQ Guide no 2: https://www.redacted.tv/how-to-set-up-star-citizen-performance-guide/ Previously, my son could only run SC in 1080p at the lowest graphic setting, now he's running it at 1080p with the highest graphic settings and its smoother than before. It took about 40 minutes to complete the process, but the results are clearly worth the effort. If this has been posted before then apologies in advance. Enjoy.
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