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  1. Wow Narayan this was excellent! I would say that your foray into the music side of things was well worth it. I specifically loved the change of pace in places like 3:59-4:06 and around 4:20. It felt like different moods were being conveyed but the entire piece felt cohesive. I liked the "strange" beginning! It actually reminded me just a little of something like 2001: A Space Odyssey. The dream sequence was a little trippy and a little sinister! Very impressive! Hopefully not your last!
  2. Ol_Nilla

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    I would love to have exploration/data mechanics be prevalent throughout the verse, I can imagine discovering some "data item" (like a mining location, potential outpost vista, even a jump point!) and then selling that information. The gameplay loop sounds exciting. Imperium could have teams in Carracks exploring each new star system as they come online, having Heralds/Star Runners transferring that data back to a central command, or selling industrial data. The roleplaying opportunities of being on a long term exploration ship are great too, I'm imagining a Firefly or Dark Matter. Maybe we'll be on a ship one day!
  3. Hey Imperium! I have been interested to hear about the Origin Celebration event that's (hopefully) happening this week. I'm banking on tomorrow being the first day... So what do we think about it? Origin Rover? The mysterious Goldfinch? I originally thought they might have a new concept, but they've been advertising it as "celebrating the 300 series", so maybe a new ship would steal the spotlight? If all of the Origin ships go on sale again, is there a specific ship y'all have your eyes on?
  4. Ol_Nilla

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    Welcome! I'm glad to see another explorer join the org.
  5. Wow, impressive fleet! I love the idea of the Pioneer, I think it and the Endeavor will provide amazing gameplay if they're implemented correctly. I'm also really into the Mercury, I approve!
  6. Welcome Mirko! What's your favorite ship in SC?
  7. Welcome! I like to see people with the intention of roleplaying, as I think that's one of the things that will make Star Citizen truly amazing.
  8. Ol_Nilla

    Hi to all

    Welcome to Imperium!
  9. Welcome to the base! Wish I was in SC with all this winter happening up in the north
  10. Ol_Nilla


    Welcome to the base and Imperium!
  11. I think the idea of having the light/medium/heavy packs is a cool one. The only thing I see is a balancing issue in the early stages. Imagine you've purchased the 'medium' pack, and bump into someone with the 'heavy' pack. You have a ballistic SMG whose rounds bounce right off that heavy armor as they shove their high-powered energy shotgun down your throat. I'd love to see weapon kits like 'Marine' with a loadout of ballistic weapons (pistol, SMG/rifle). Or possibly a 'Pirate' pack with an energy shotgun and some grenades. Weapons of a certain theme would go together, but I'd also love to see a discounted 'mystery pack', wherein any weapon could be contained. This pack would be cheaper than any of the others, but you wouldn't know what was in it until you bought it. (Maybe that's the gambler in me speaking )
  12. Welcome to the Base! Make sure to look around and visit the wiki, there's a lot to read
  13. @Cincinnatus That's very generous of you! I'll definitely take you up on the offer once it's flyable. Thanks! @GeraldEvans My mistake, it must have auto-corrected Terrapin to Freelancer. How could you not love these things?
  14. @Cincinnatus Well, I haven't flown them all, but as of right now I think my favorite ship overall is the Freelancer DUR variant. I think it's the perfect ship for exploration (at least that fits in my college student budget ) HOWEVER, I am very excited for the Herald as well! My interests fall between exploration and intelligence, so the idea of zooming across systems gathering sensitive information is very attractive to me. Information can be very valuable, and is much easier to hide than something you'd store in a cargo hold
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