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  1. Do you still have any for sale with LTI? If so, how much? I'm interested in acquiring the ship itself, but I don't know what's the current price on RSI. I'm not entirely sure if you mean the $300 being the melt value or the price. Is it original concept or upgraded?
  2. Hello, first time selling here. I have a few ships I'd like to sell: The Origin 600i ship, at 520 USD for the touring/luxury module and 540 USD for the exploration edition. The Aegis Eclipse is available for 330 USD. The Origin 85x snub ship is available for 65 USD. All ships come with LTI, as they come from their original concepts. All prices here are included without fees. Payment will be done through PayPal invoice. Once the ship is sent, the sale becomes final, as it cannot be returned back. Message me if you are interested or need more details.