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  1. Dang it! Catch us on the next one! It's gonna be in 3.0 so there'll be lots of fun activities going around and i'm sure it'll be going on for alot longer then they have in the past
  2. @Com. Serus Gant U can make it, I believe in you! I sadly wont be able to make it tho as it's midsummer, which means i'll be enjoying pickled and fermented herring in extreme volumes on a boat. Luckily we left the best people in charge of Game Day, our hosts will make sure things run as they should, and @Space-Moose with @Cincinnatus will be around to give flight instructions. Happy midsummer everyone!
  3. Howdy ho @Imperium Member! As this will probably be the last Game Day we have before 3.0 comes out, we figured it would be good idea to get some flight preparations going! But we'll of course keep the usual Star Marine Banter we all enjoy oh so much. We're also green this month! Firstly, let’s congratulate last months gift card winners; @Federal, @moggimus and @Weehamster! three well deserving victors! Also, some applauds are in order for @Switch's amazing compilation of what transpired last Game Day. This is also a good reminder for everyone who has the capa
  4. Thanks to everyone who participated in Game Day, it was a ton of fun! Also, congratulations to this months winners of the 10$ gift cards; @Federal, @moggimus and @Weehamster, you should have received separate PM's with more information on claiming your price. Hope to see all of you on the next Game Day!
  5. Nice! Always fun to see recordings from Game Day.
  6. @Ostia @SlickReed GOT'EEEEM! @Com. Serus Gant First Game Day hype, let's go! @Rocket Man That's a fair reason to miss Game Day, have fun!
  7. Wuz gud @Imperium Members! With 3.0 just around the corner we event coordinators figured it would be a fun idea to throw an event where we all just sit down and play some Star Citizen, before 3.0 get’s released and everything works magically and no one is disappointed or anything of the sorts... Realism Pessimism aside, we have some congratulations due for our raffle winners from April’s Game Day. Congratulations to: @Aegid @LowZone @rimmer59 and @Uthrac, you’re all well deserving of the 10$ gift cards. As there’s been some confusion surrounding the raffles we’re gonna t
  8. Super fun this weekend, thanks to everyone who showed up and a special thanks to anyone who volunteered to give us a hand with the event! And also, some congratulations to our raffle winners are in order; @Aegid @LowZone @rimmer59 and @Uthrac made the cut for this month, you will all receive your prices shortly. Congratulations to the winners, and once more thanks to everyone for showing up and having a fun time together.
  9. WOOOOH! Hype!!! @Ostia WARNING! Loud video Credit: @rimmer59 @XLB wouldn't start spreading rumors just yet, tho i'm sure he'll fill everyone in should things change.
  10. Salutations @Imperium Member! Have you ever sat, staring out your window and thought to yourself “I wish I could help the Event Coordinators with Game Day, but I’m not sure how?” Then strap yourself in, because we’re looking for more volunteers! If you are interested, sign up for one or more of the tasks presented below and we'll be getting you involved for one of the upcoming Game Days. As long as you have time to give, we’ll do our damndest to schedule in times that work for you. Game Day Host A Game Day host is there to help and guide participants towards varying activities
  11. Salutations @Imperium Member! We've finally managed to clean up after the last Game Day, and we're now ready to prepare for another one! If it was the case that you missed the last one, or somehow don't know what Game Day is; then don't worry, because we streamed most of it. @Rellim and @Pegasus truly did an amazing job setting up the stream with all the technicalities and what-not. @Sharpspoonful Did a great job shoutcasting during the stream and we look forward to many more streams with his beautiful voice and face at the forefront. We would also like to give a shoutou
  12. Bloppo

    Squad Ops!

    Great initiative! I'd be happy to partake in this, I don't really have any specific days that i'm more available then others so i'll simply adjust to the majority. My rule of thumb tho is that I prefer squad leading when I do play Squad or similar games, hopefully that isn't an issue. -Bloppo
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