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  1. Want to Sell Question about Ships/Acc

    to be giftable you would need to melt the ship and rebuy it with CASH ONLY ---- no credit
  2. As title states WTB Endeavor Master Set -- PM price
  3. As it says I'm looking for Retaliator LTI modules
  4. Want to Buy Rear Admiral Pack

    check reddit
  5. Warning to Imperium from XPLOR

    All our leadership got a good laugh out of it considering that they don't even know who the big players are in the org and they had a lot of invalid and false information on Xplor. Hell, I was drunk and dealing with this stuff at 3am. Only thing that pissed be off was this guy who was an affiliate was trying to befriend some of our members (and he did) but none of them left. We know it is almost impossible to infiltrate our hierarchy of our Org and take over but still have to be cautious as it has happened in the past to large Corps in EVE and those stories still live on today. Either way wish you guys the best out there and the verse and that you catch any infiltrators that may try to get in your org. You all have a great day.
  6. Wanted to warn you guys about an org who is targeting you https://forums.robertsspaceindustries.com/discussion/353199/attempted-infiltration-takeover-thwarted-warning-to-other-orgs
  7. Complete Phoenix LTI

    *****Got what i needed, topic can be closed****
  8. Shooting at parked ships

    Only douche bags shoot ships with no pilot. Real pilots shoot it out
  9. Complete Phoenix LTI

    little too much for me to drop for it. But thanks
  10. All depends on price
  11. Complete Phoenix LTI

    no one has one for sale?