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  1. Questions about ships with LTI that are gifted.

    > can I then upgrade it to say a MISC Freelancer, and still keep LTI on that ship? YES > then melt my ship(that was upgraded) and use the store credit to upgrade the gifted ship with LTI and it still keep LTI? YES
  2. Complete WTB - Constellation Aquila to Reclaimer CCU - $85

    I can sell Reclaimer to you for 285$ (paypal fees not inc)
  3. Need some advice

    They only way to play this, is to buy ships. Because 3.0 is unplayable.
  4. Need some advice

    For what you need 6 Hammerheads ? Here my advice: - Buy one Orion its HUUUUUUGEEE now - Buy one HULL E its was HUUUUUUGGEE before
  5. Also has CCU`d Banu Merchantmen for 250$ fees inc.
  6. Armada Pack Optimization: Help!

    You did all right.
  7. Which ship to keep? Hammerhead vs Polaris

    My voice for Polaris. - Match easy to fly solo. - It has hangar.
  8. What the title sad. CCU`d Carrack/Reclaimer for the 315$ (melt value 285$), ship has 400$ upgrade value. Dragonfly LTI -> Constellation Taurus to F7C-M Super Hornet (15$ saving) -> Redeemer -> Banu Merchantmen (100$ saving) -> Carrack/Reclaimer Your paypal account must be verified !!! Also have: BMM - 235$ Origin 600i Touring - 300$ Origin 600i Explorer - 325$ Esperia Prowler - 315$
  9. Star Citizen Anniversary Special

    I`m curious what will happen to 0$ CCU`s. When CIG will kill them, before 3.0 goes live (end of December) or next 2 weeks before anniversary sale, or maybe they will announce price increase for 350$ ships.
  10. Want to Buy Caterpillar Pirate CCU / Applied with LTI

    Hi. Can offer you CCU`ed Caterpillar Pirate Edition for 280$. Paypal fees on your side.
  11. Banu Merchantmen was sold to ^ Nemo. Deal closed.
  12. What the title sad. CCU`d Banu Merchantmen for the 235$, ship has 350$ upgrade value. Dragonfly LTI -> Constellation Taurus to F7C-M Super Hornet (15$ saving)-> Redeemer -> Banu Merchantmen