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  1. Want to Buy Freelancer MIS

    Can offer upgraded Freelancer MIS LTI 160$
  2. Want to Buy Looking to buy a lti starfarer

    Can offer you upgraded Starfarer LTI 300$
  3. How to make $ for star citizen?

    Pimp business.
  4. New here game won't launch

    Solution: 1. Copy folder "LIVE" somewhere else. 2. Uninstall launcher. 3. Reboot computer. 4. Install launcher. 5. Copy "Live" back, do file verification. I had same issue on windows 7. After I switched to win10 problem gone.
  5. Ongoing Discussion BFGD 65"

    This is just a TV with game features, also this is VA panel. Where the fucking IPS 4k 144hz monitors without backlight bleed?