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  1. An explicit issue for the Avenger Warlock. There are already a lot of issues adressing the group problem. If you have an Avenger Warlock, please contribute/confirm. https://robertsspaceindustries.com/community/issue-council/star-citizen-alpha/SC-36643-Avenger_weapon_group_limitation/contribute
  2. Want to Buy

    Oh I am sorry. Wasnt here for a while. I have an upgrade now. It was available during the MISC days. But thanks for your effort!
  3. No, but I will do. Already prepared a video and screenshots for it. Best regards and happy holidays.
  4. Hello, now that SC 2.6 is available, I got a simple problem: The F3 key is not working (yes, I deleted my User folder) so I cant set weapon groups like in 2.5. If I use freelook to go down to the MFDs I can (in the Avenger) only set two weapon groups. They are not visible, but they work. However, a third weapon group can't be set up like earlier. So my EMP goes off every time or I have to put all my other weapons in just 1 group. Has any of you an idea how to set up the weapon groups permamently or how to set more groups via the freelook feature? I have found similar topics, but no answer to it (e.g. https://forums.robertsspaceindustries.com/discussion/344061/weapon-groups-in-2-5-avenger-stalker) Thanks, best regards and happy holidays
  5. Oh, that would be wonderful. Everyone thanks for the answers so far.
  6. Hello, maybe a dumb question, but I fetched an upgrade kit from reliant to Hull C. For some ships you get an (equivalent) temporary ship. I dont know if this is true for upgraded ships and for the Hull C. Has anyone information on this matter? Thanks
  7. As the title suggest would I like to buy an upgrade from the standard Avenger to the Warlock variant.
  8. I have a Reliant and want to upgrade to a Hull B. Already have the upgrade from Reliant to 325A. Now I am looking for the upgrade 325A to Hull B. Please PM in case an upgrade is available.