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  1. Yeah, I can look out my window for this stuff :-( Well at least I don't need to shovel this.
  2. Don't suppose there's a way to turn OFF the snow? This kind of thing is neat for ~20 seconds, then it drives me away from the site...
  3. I suppose I classify as a lurker I'm still around, but I'm mostly waiting for some form of non-combat activity to be added to the alpha. Trading, mining, salvage, etc.
  4. I've been playing Elite: Dangerous recently as well. We'll have to make a temp channel on TS or something, and see if any folks play at roughly the same time of day...
  5. They've stated before that each time a ship goes up for sale again, the price will go up. Best price will be the initial/concept sale, where they offer LTI Supposedly as a ship passes through the other gates (such as hangar ready, flight ready, etc) then if/when it comes up for sale again, they drop the LTI and charge more. Intended to be yet another perk for the early adopter. They've explained as much on 10ftc and such - would need to look up the source. Essentially a sales tactic.
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