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  1. When next it goes on sale, I'll be re-tempted to buy it and fly with you guys.
  2. Last time I went to Yula, there were pirates in Mustangs lurking amongst the asteroids. Tough fight because of the amount of rocks.
  3. I think you canèt upgrade into it because its a limited batch. When I checked before it was a batch of 5000.
  4. *tries to figure out what time that is* So now? SWEET!
  5. It has to be said, but I LOVE your manifesto. It's great!
  6. Looooooool that's entirely my bad for not reading that properly. Sorry.
  7. Easiest way to do this in a few simple steps: First, go into your hangar. Load the Ship Modification Table (the hologram one that lets you swap your ships out) Load up the Superhornet. Take off all the weapons from it. Now you have a naked ship. Hover your cursor over each hardpoint (the green circles that say where weapons go) and look on the left side of the screen. It will say "compatible sizes 1 to 3" for example. In this example, that means max size is 3 for fixed and 3-1=2 for gimballed. The canard is automatically gimballed, as is the ball turret. Hope that helps. Works on all ships, too.
  8. Sold to H3fty! Thanks for the interest guys. EDIT: If someone could change this status to complete, that'd be great (@Rellim?)
  9. Hey all, I'm going to melt this unless someone wants it, so I figured I'd ask around a little first. It's an AMD package thats been CCU'd into an Avenger. Melt value is $5. However, I'm willing to sell it to someone who really wants an Avenger for $35. Lemme know if you're interested via PM. Otherwise, I'll just melt it *shrugs*
  10. I posted an idea on there too: I'd like to see something most people don't really think all that much about: Ice. Oxygen and Hydrogen are important for all kinds of chemical reactions, and water itself is important for life. Every time a ship leaves a station, the crew probably takes a bit more water than they left behind and that creates a deficit. Stations import ice for their hydroponics and for breaking into oxygen to add to breathable air. Ships need the hydrogen component to fuel their engines. And if you think about it, space stations aren't closed systems. Whenever a ship leaves and gets destroyed, that's some water and air you don't get back. Being able to transport big chunks of ice would allow these to be refilled. In addition, biological material gets trapped in ice and preserved, so scientists might pay a tonne for ice samples from new planets, especially if there was a mechanic for "coring" properly, to see the layers of ice corresponding to ice ages and thaw points during that planet's history. Particularly pure ice could be a luxury on some planets, featuring "Exotic Spring Water from imported for your delight! Only 1500UEC!" On top of all this, it could create interested variations of cargo game-play, having to keep it frozen.
  11. Silveryn

    M50 vs. 350r

    With 1.0.1 out and the sale on, does anyone have any thoughts on this debate again? Additionally, which do you think will be more useful in the PU?
  12. wonder is the Sakura Sun gun will be out this time. That would be neat...I'd get 2 for my Avenger.
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