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  1. Complete

    That was a great and smooth transaction as well, Thanks Bry for the help!!
  2. I know they are out there, this is the last item to finish my Endeavor set! Send a pm please!
  3. Feedback Wanted

    No, all of this started after I adjusted the screen size for the game to what matched on my laptop. The RAM was installed about a year ago.
  4. Want to Sell

    I'm interested in the BMM!
  5. I have been using my laptop for work for the last 2 years, and I have had zero problems with the onboard graphics card. I use a lot of Microsoft products and heavy ram intensive products, so I upgraded to 16 gb. Well the screen was defaulted to 2330 X something and I had left it there. The game was jumpy and was unplayable, so I moved the game resolution down to 1960X something, and it was ok but still hard to play because of the jumpiness. So I adjusted my sceen resolution to the same 1960 X something resolution lastnight. After which I spent all night fighting the crash report, or I was falling through walls. Is my onboard gpu not able to handle the game at the way it plays now or do I need to make more adjustments?
  6. Count my Orion in! As well as crucible if any crafts start hitting asteroids!!
  7. I agree, with a new mic a lot of your problems will be fixed. The background music is not as necessary, so bring it down. Also it sounds like you are reading, try to make it flow smoother!
  8. Have they released more about the science profession yet?
  9. I hope not, I have an upgrade I can't wait to use now!!
  10. This rover looks like it can rock and roll...it's a shame they forgot the Keg-erator!!
  11. Complete

    Oh that is awesome! I am glad he was wrong! I need to edit my post!
  12. Hey all! I just got the game yesterday and I am really digging it! I wont mention I came over after the big lie of "No Man's Sky", granted I do like the game, it's just not all the way done yet! But I have been in these types of games for years, I was big in SWG to bring you back to the older harvesting!
  13. Complete

    Still new to the game, my buddy told me generally the LTI doesn't come with it, was he wrong?
  14. Looking to buy any of these ships or a package of all of these ships, complete not upgrade please with. with LTI please. Prospector Orion Hull B Reclaimer Thanks everyone for all your help!