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  1. Hey, So I am melting down some of my ships, noticed my main package into the game is a 1-2 month insurance. Now I do not care much about insurance but I would want LTI on main package. So if anyone has a spare package lying around comment here please. Do not mind the ship what ever you have. Cheers!
  2. Yeah, so like the title says i thought i would be creative. This was just for fun. Check it out here if you want: Thanks for your time!
  3. Errr I got the GTX 1080 Founders... Yeah it's pretty good. AMD are very slow at mo, they have the RX 480 which is more of a GTX 1060 contender.
  4. It seems everyone on this TS uses Emerald Server. TBH I do not mind, most of stuff transferred over, like some of my weapons and stuff.
  5. Awesome mate. Well I now play on the Emerald Server now, since of yesterday. But yeah, I was BR 100 on my miller. Would love to play with ya.
  6. Hello, I need to buy or trade something for a cheap LTI ship. Doesn't need to be anything special! Talk to me on TS about it. Set up a Ebay private sale, ill pay fees etc. Or we just do it over the website. Thanks
  7. Heya, Oh nice, really good to see a NC Player here!
  8. Hello, I'm TGMayhem and a new member of IMP. As a disclaimer: I speak/type English. I'm really glad to be involved in a growing community full of people of whom I share interests with, that interest being Star Citizen of course. For you information you can check me out on: Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCXlZoQ1qleGePlTOnCTHbKQ Steam: http://steamcommunity.com/id/tacticalgamingmayhem/ I have been playing Star Citizen for 2 years now, i really enjoy the game and of course really hyped for new updates and content including ships or environment changes. I love space sims very much, I have played Elite Dangerous and a little bit of EVE. One of my most played games would include Planet Side 2 and Rust. I'm also currently looking for a Unit, so any suggestions would be awesome. Obviously I am new the this Organisation, I may not know many or all of you but I would love to, so send me a PM on Team speak and post a comment down below if you want to get to know me. Current Owned Ships on SC: - Retaliator - Avenger Stalker Ships I would love to buy: - Super Hornet - And... pretty much everything else. But hey, I'm not Santa clause. Things I experience a lot InGame: - Requesting ship at Terminal > Walk to Landing pad > find out that my ships is spinning off into the distance around 700-1000 M Away. Cheers from all the help as well! Much appreciation to: - SnowOwl - Rellim These two really helped me out, when in came down to learning about the Organisation. Also, giving me an extensive amount of advice and information which can help me now and in the future. See You in the VERSE!
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