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  1. Welcome to the Org talk to you in TS
  2. i found a new game called The Turing Test It looks to be a great game it the type there you have to solve puzzles .. there is some lateral thinking involved .. as you go the puzzles get harder i will leave a link or two for people to look at www.theturingtestgame.com
  3. ok i found this because i was looking to use a duel stick ,, i hope everyone find it useful here are the links you tube and the contact information southpaw@dualsticks.com -left hand grip interest/waiting list www.dustshield@dualsticks.com -queries about dust shields
  4. I am Glad it is out it is one more step to 2.6 then 3.0
  5. Just wanted to say Hello and i am glad to be here and working with you all
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